Welcome back!

It’s Jesse back again with some exciting news! Maddie and her Spring Spaniel, Rudder, have joined the Canine Perspective Pack! I worked with Maddie and Rudder a good while ago and I remember reading her e-mail and recognizing she clearly had some insight already on dog behavior. When I spoke with her in person I could tell and I thought to myself, “she really knows her stuff…why does she need me?”

Fast-forward a bit and here she is as our new Puppy Expert, Dog Nutrition & Enrichment Specialist, and, according to her, General Dog Nerd! Maddie is also well-versed in all levels of dog training so she will be helping out in many ways in the coming months as we expand to Logan Square, transition to the facility, and taking on some training responsibilities as well.

Maddie will be doing Dog Training Q&A on May 25th from 12pm to 8pm at the Belmont & Sheffield Music Festival at the Bark By The Park booth! Bring your dog or puppy, bring some questions, and have a good time! I am planning to be there myself pending how much energy I have left after a full day of client visits. The Canine Perspective Pack will be at several festivals this coming Summer to help promote the facility, meet your dogs, and educate dog owners on all things dog related!

Stay tuned as we have lots of things planned!

Until next time!


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