Our transportation bundles are meant to complement our daycare bundles. If you are needing transportation for an individual boarding stay or for a random daycare day, it is $25 each way or $40 roundtrip. You can email info@canineperspective.com to check to see if your area qualifies for transportation services and if we can get you on the calendar.

Your dog must be approved to utilize our transport prior to booking. Do not buy a bundle until you’ve received the thumbs up from our administrator!

We are currently only servicing Logan Square, Lakeview, and Lincoln Park. Also, we cannot accommodate same day transportation requests.
Please make sure that your dog has pottied before pick-up! We use texting as a means to communicate with clients on when we’re headed to both pick-up and drop-off your dog. If your dog looks as if it does not feel well or is exhibiting behavior issues we may not be able to bring your dog to daycare for the well-being of our other dogs. If this happens, we will let you know.

Pricing table located at bottom of page under our policies.



Our Transport Van operates on three hour windows, twice daily. The morning route runs from 6:45AM – 9:45AM and the evening route runs from 4:00PM to 7:00PM. Your dog can be picked up anytime within these windows. We do not take specific timing requests.


Transportation requests must be made 24 hours in advance. We cannot guarantee reservations made in less than 24 hours. If your request is not approved in Gingr the day prior, please call or reach out via email to confirm your dog’s spot in the van.


Cancellations can be made via email or in Gingr up to 12 hours in advance. Please note same-day cancellations are subject to a one-way fee or loss of Transport Bundle credit. We create our routes the day prior in order to create the most efficient route possible. Even individual changes can throw off our timing as well as take away a spot from another client, particularly on our busiest days.


We require two sets of keys to sign up for Transports. One set is kept securely at the facility and the other comes out on the route with our driver. We no longer accept keys in lockboxes due to past issues with changing codes, being frozen in the winter, and etc. Door and building codes are fine in the event your home does not use traditional keys.

If we do not have sets of keys and you are no longer home to bring us the dog, it is not our fault nor our responsibility to get the dog. Variables like traffic, school zones, and emergency vehicles cannot be accounted for which is why we insist on having some kind of guaranteed access to your home.


Our driver sends out an ETA text prior to leaving the facility and again upon arrival. Please note the initial ETA text is just that – an ETA. Things like traffic, elementary school drop offs, and construction street closures can impact our ETA during the route. Upon arrival to your home, you have 5 minutes to let us know if you’re coming out before we will assume permission to use your keys to enter the home. Alternatively, you can provide permission for us to come and go at our leisure to make for even smoother Transport service.


  • Single Round Trip – $40
  • 3-Day Evaluation Bundle – $45 Round Trip
  • 5-Day Bundle – $100 Round Trip
  • 10-Day Bundle – $180 Round Trip
  • 20-Day Bundle – $300 Round Trip