The Dos and Don’ts of Fourth of July

The Fourth of July can be a stressful holiday for our dogs. Some dogs pay no attention to the noises while others may struggle with fear and anxiety. If you have a dog with a fear of fireworks, or have recently gotten a new dog and are not yet sure how she will handle the events, read on for our list of Fourth of July Dos and Don’ts.

Do… exercise your dog early in the day. This will ensure your pup can burn off steam and get them exercise before the events begin.

Do… plan ahead by buying a raw marrow bone, Himalayan chew, or freezing a Kong stuffed with goodies so you have it on hand to offer your dog when the fireworks start. Some dogs may be too stressed to take a treat, but some will happily enjoy it as a distraction.

Do… crate your dog if you leave your home. Anxious dogs may redirect their anxiety to destructive or unhealthy behaviors. Keeping your dog in its crate with a thick blanket draped over top to muffle the sounds will offer them a quieter, more secure place to rest.

Don’t… leave your dog unleashed in an unsecured area. Sudden loud noises can scare dogs and lead to them bolting. Ensure all gates and doors are secure and have someone hold your dog while you let guests in/out of your home.

Don’t… coddle your fearful dog. It is OK to let your dog stay near you for comfort but ignore any fearful behavior. Continue on as you normally would. Don’t talk to your dog, pet them, or console them in any way if they are showing signs of fear.

Don’t… try to force your dog to like the fireworks. Respect your dog’s fear. Forcing your dog outside to make her “deal” with the noises can make the fear worse.

Remember, if you’re unsure how your dog will react, it’s best to keep them at home in their crate where they will be safe.

For additional tips, check out THIS Instagram post from Jesse.

The staff of Canine Perspective wishes you a happy and safe Fourth of July!

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