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Today’s e-mail is about recognizing the difference between Obedience and Behavior. It’s one of the most common misconceptions about dog training, both among dog trainers and owners, that teaching a dog to “Sit” with a treat will remedy behaviors like aggression, fear, nervousness and separation anxiety. That simply isn’t the case.

Obedience and Behavior are two different things. Obedience can replace a behavior like jumping onto people with sitting instead. Unless, the dog gets over-stimulated and doesn’t care about what you have to offer in order to get them to sit as opposed to jumping. That’s when we start to cross over into Behavior mode because the behavior is too “severe” (that word is too strong for this example, but oh well) that Obedience goes out the window.

This is something I deal with a lot when working with dogs that have reactivity or aggression issues. People can get too invested in trying to get the dog “Sit” during a moment when it’s more about either deescalating the dog or simply teaching them that that behavior is unacceptable. Dog training is not easy!

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