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Owner, Dog Behavior Expert, Master Dog Trainer

Jesus ‘Jesse’ San Miguel

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Payment is required before the scheduling process will begin and is non-refundable.

Consultations with Jesse are also $135. How and where the appointment is held is dependent on Jesse’s schedule for the day. It will either be in-person at Oz Park, in-person at the Canine Perspective Logan Square Facility, or via Zoom. Consultations with Jesse are NOT credited towards your training program.

Jesse is recommended for more severe cases of separation anxiety, leash reactivity, and human aggression.

Facility Training Manager, Senior Dog Trainer

Enrique Gomez

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Payment is required before the scheduling process will begin and is non-refundable.

Consultations with Enrique are $135, will be held via Zoom, and the entire $135 fee will be credited towards your training program should you decide to move forward within 2 weeks of your consultation date. You will still have the option to train with Jesse.

Enrique is recommended for any standard obedience cases or minor behavior cases like separation anxiety, leash reactivity, and/or things like jumping, counter surfing, or barking.

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Not sure what your dog needs?

Is the problem Behavior or Obedience?

I will inform you of anything that you’ll need to know during the consultation. Over the phone, I can provide a general idea of what’s going on, but most definitely for behavior cases, I have to see the dog. All training and consultations are done in the privacy of your own home, unless other arrangements have been made. Be sure to visit my consultation FAQ page before sending your request.

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