“God’s Honest Truth. He Would Not Be Here If Not For You.”

Doug’s behavior had drastically limited his owner’s options for boarding and daily life. Being both highly human and dog reactive as well as a powerhouse of a dog, Doug’s owners needed help and thankfully found us. Although, not as straightforward and easy as other cases. With his owner’s diligence in doing their homework and allowing us to utilize all tools at our disposal when bringing him to our facility for boarding, Doug has made great strides in progress and has become a staff favorite.

Jesse often tells staff, “our job is not just ‘dog training.’ Our job is to keep dogs in their homes.” Angela’s opening quote is a testament as to why we train the way we do and why we run a structured kennel. It’s not about what the human wants, but what the dog needs.

“The Training, First, With Jesse, I’d Recommend To Anybody.”

Unable to play in ‘gen pop’ group at her previous daycare. Remi was simply kenneled for the day when dropped off. Even after investing into training with the daycare and then scheduling a follow up consultation she was unable to fit in and recommended to be put on medication. Committed to finding an answer, Remi’s owners came across Canine Perspective after being referred to us by another client.

Needless to say, Remi made great progress and is now a daycare regular at our daycare and boarding facility.

“There Was A Lot More Structure. A Lot More Calm.”

Belvidere came to us needing help with his anxiety and leash reactivity. Particularly towards handlers on the pass off at his previous daycare. With the help of Jesse and the structure our facility provides, Belvidere has made leaps and bounds of progress making his owner’s life much more stress-free.

“This Has Never Happened!”

Another example of a client who had worked with multiple trainers with no progress in their dog’s behavior. After 1 class with Jesse, they’re dog made a complete 180 change. They were so pleased with the progress they decided to train their second dog during the program. Flying from Austin, TX to work with Chicago’s best in dog obedience and behavior modification

“I Felt More Comfortable In Two Sessions Than A Previous Longer Training Program”

It is not uncommon for us to get clients dedicated to finding an answer for their dog’s obedience or behavioral issue. In some cases clients have spent thousands on multiple trainers to no avail. Fortunately for them, we’ve built our reputation on results. In this video, this client completed a much longer program, but with little to no progress. In just two sessions with Jesse, they felt as they had accomplished more in two hours than they did after completing their other training program.

“Within A Month He Was Off-Leash”

Sarah and Kyle were referred to us from a previous client and happened to come to a free seminar I hosted near the end of 2019. After learning more about how dogs thrive with structure and discipline they began sending their dog Leo to our daycare. Fast forward to the end of May 2020 they are moving out of state and before leaving decided to e-collar train Leo with Canine Perspective. We squeezed 6 classes into just 4-weeks and Leo has made leaps in his obedience and even calms down when outside. Previously, he would always be on and ready for anything.

Thank you, Sarah and Kyle, for giving us the opportunity to care for Leo! We will miss you all!

“It’s Been Life Changing!”

Nash was signed up to start his training just 2 days after COVID hit and quarantine was put into place delaying the start of their program. A few weeks in Jesse re-started his private training via verbal instruction and Nash’s family was eager to start, but hesitant due to Jesse not being able to handle Nash himself. After their first “Social Distance” class, all that changed and Nash is now a well-mannered dog who no longer makes his owner chase him for “up to an hour” to go back home.

Nash also broke Melissa’s husband’s shoulder due to pulling so hard and led to 3 ER visits in just a 2 year time span.

“I Actually Prefer This Method”

Cali is a very friendly Pittie who was in need of some formal training as she would pull her owners all over the place. I explained to Rick how e-collar would be the only tool to allow us to train her to the level he was wanting (which was very simple by what he thought he could achieve). After the first class, Cali made LEAPS of progress with her training, and every class she became better and better. We went above and beyond what Rick believed would be possible within the time frame.

With the right tools, instruction, and of course, doing the exercises, we’re still getting the high-quality training we are known for.

“I Would Only Want To Do It This Way”

Fitz’s owner was referred to us by a neighbor who had trained their dog with us last summer. Scott was so impressed by how well their dog was trained off-leash he contacted us and began his training during the COVID epidemic. He actually prefers doing the training by verbal instruction as he is learning Fitz and Fitz is learning him in the process. Fitz has gone from a ‘happy-go-lucky do whatever I want’ pittie to a very friendly pittie who now has impulse control and is obedient.

“1 Class And She Was A Different Dog”

6-Month old nervous puppy was barking at everyone who entered the home or tried to pet her. With just 1 class with Jesse, Ruthie transformed into a calmer dog. She now relaxes when guests come over and her owners are no longer anxious about her behavior both in and out the home. She is also beginning to show curiosity and warm up to people much more quickly. E-collar when done correctly is the most effective dog training tool.

Day Board & Train & Veterinary Behaviorist Didn’t Work (Full Video & Playlist)

Ilona’s dog Maya had been through a 2-week Board & Train program and Veterinary Behaviorist that didn’t do anything to address her Nervous Aggression.

The B & T’s training approach was making Maya more nervous. The Veterinary Behaviorist diagnosed Maya with a ‘condition’ and her approach was also making Maya’s behavior worse. Resorting to CBD oils and lots of treats ended up putting Maya in the ER.

Refusing to give up, Ilona began to do research and ultimately decided to reach out to Cesar Milan and upon trying to find out a means of contacting him she stumbled upon Canine Perspective. She set up a consultation that ultimately changed her life and her dog’s life!

Physical Therapist Talks About E-Collar – “Shock Collar” (Full Video & Playlist)

A family that was deterred from using remote/e-collar because their veterinarian advised that it would make their dog more aggressive. They believed it was an actual ‘shock’ to the dog, which it isn’t, it is a miniaturized TENS unit. Christina just so happens to be a Physical Therapist and uses TENS units on her patients on a regular basis.

After being educated on what an e-collar really is, their stand on the use of it took a 180.

Veterinarian’s recommendation of prescribed medication did not fix the issue. Neither did a Holistic Positive Behavioral Therapist’s approach of using food to redirect his behavior or changing his diet to a raw diet to fix the problem ‘internally.’

The Miami Dog Whisperer, Richard Heinz, Reviews Jesse San Miguel of Canine Perspective!

Jesse of Canine Perspective’s mentor, World-renowned Master Dog Trainer, and Dog Aggression/Expert with over 20 years of experience, Richard Heinz, takes the time to speak about his experience teaching Jesse during his 3-month internship.