Day Board & Train & Veterinary Behaviorist Didn’t Work (Full Video & Playlist)

Ilona’s dog Maya had been through a 2-week Board & Train program and Veterinary Behaviorist that didn’t do anything to address her Nervous Aggression.

The B & T’s training approach was making Maya more nervous. The Veterinary Behaviorist diagnosed Maya with a ‘condition’ and her approach was also making Maya’s behavior worse. Resorting to CBD oils and lots of treats ended up putting Maya in the ER.

Refusing to give up, Ilona began to do research and ultimately decided to reach out to Cesar Milan and upon trying to find out a means of contacting him she stumbled upon Canine Perspective. She set up a consultation that ultimately changed her life and her dog’s life!

Physical Therapist Talks About E-Collar – “Shock Collar” (Full Video & Playlist)

A family that was deterred from using remote/e-collar because their veterinarian advised that it would make their dog more aggressive. They believed it was an actual ‘shock’ to the dog, which it isn’t, it is a miniaturized TENS unit. Christina just so happens to be a Physical Therapist and uses TENS units on her patients on a regular basis.

After being educated on what an e-collar really is, their stand on the use of it took a 180.

Veterinarian’s recommendation of prescribed medication did not fix the issue. Neither did a Holistic Positive Behavioral Therapist’s approach of using food to redirect his behavior or changing his diet to a raw diet to fix the problem ‘internally.’

The Miami Dog Whisperer, Richard Heinz, Reviews Jesse San Miguel of Canine Perspective!

Jesse of Canine Perspective’s mentor, World-renowned Master Dog Trainer, and Dog Aggression/Expert with over 20 years of experience, Richard Heinz, takes the time to speak about his experience teaching Jesse during his 3-month internship.