December 2017

Don’t Forget An eGift Card This Christmas And 5 Things You Can Do To Take Your Dog Off The Naughty List!

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Only 3 Days Before Christmas Is Here! It's yet another Friday, and not just any regular ol' Canine Perspective Newsletter Friday, it's the Friday before Christmas! Meaning only 3 more days to give the gift of dog training with Canine Perspective! Don't forget the very special Christmas promotion of 20% off your

October 2017

5 Toxins To Watch Out For This Fall

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The Fall season is here along with the changing color in leaves and the cool weather, but along with this change comes a few concerns as well. Concerns that could cost your dog their life if you're not careful or are simply unaware of these toxins. So without further ado... 1. Chocolate - Being that it's

February 2017

Expanding Upon Behavior Vs. Obedience

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Expanding Upon Obedience Vs. Behavior Last week, I touched upon the differences between Obedience and Behavior training. Commands like Sit and Down to a dog are like Math and Science to a human. When dealing with Behavior, it’s more along the lines of teaching your dog morals to create a model canine citizen.

The Difference Between Obedience And Behavior

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First and foremost I’d like to thank everyone who signed up. Your support is truly appreciated! Please feel free to share this with anyone whom you feel would benefit from the information. Today’s e-mail is about recognizing the difference between Obedience and Behavior. It’s one of the most common misconceptions about dog training, both among