Off Leash Training is when a dog is responsive to known commands off leash in an open environment. The most reliable off leash obedience is achieved through remote collar training.

May 2017

Dog E-Collar Training: Stable Dogs vs. Dogs With Issues

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Check out the videos below to learn all about dog e-collar training. You'll not only learn about training your dog using an electronic collar; you'll also learn how training differs for dogs that are stable versus dogs that have behavior issues. Due to time constraints, there will only be videos and no short summary

The Dangers of Tethering a Dog Outside

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I cover a few topics in my vlog, and although all of them are important, tethering a dog to a post while running inside a store is something that really bothers me. I suppose if it's a coffee shop with large windows where you can keep an eye on your dog and your dog

April 2017

The Importance of Understanding Dog Body Language

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This week's episode of WWAPDT is all about people getting TOO comfortable with dogs. Whether is their own or just some random dog they meet out in the street. People tend to put to much trust into dogs without understanding dogs have their own discomforts as well. I've