April 2017

How Do I Know If My Pet Food Is Good Quality?!

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It's that time of the month again where I get to feature the oh-so-knowledgeable Alli Glüecklich! Very excited to have Alli back this month to spread more of what she knows about dog food because nutrition is a very important part of your dog's health! Even I will bring it

March 2017

How to Treat Your Dog’s Dry Skin

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I have a couple of new things for you in today’s newsletter! I’m excited to feature long-time friend and "Dog Nutrition Whisperer," Alli Glüecklich. Every first Friday of the month, she will be featured on the Canine Perspective blog. Alli has a tremendous amount of knowledge on all things dog nutrition. Whenever I have a

February 2017

Expanding Upon Behavior Vs. Obedience

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Expanding Upon Obedience Vs. Behavior Last week, I touched upon the differences between Obedience and Behavior training. Commands like Sit and Down to a dog are like Math and Science to a human. When dealing with Behavior, it’s more along the lines of teaching your dog morals to create a model canine citizen.

The Difference Between Obedience And Behavior

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First and foremost I’d like to thank everyone who signed up. Your support is truly appreciated! Please feel free to share this with anyone whom you feel would benefit from the information. Today’s e-mail is about recognizing the difference between Obedience and Behavior. It’s one of the most common misconceptions about dog training, both among