May 2017

Adopt Smooches, Summer Fun Is Here, And E-Collar Training Stable Dogs Vs. Dogs With Issues

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Adopt Smooches! Oh man! She's the SWEETEST dog! If you haven't guessed, Smooches was given her name by a volunteer at CACC and it couldn't be more fitting! Playful, social and patient with both dogs and people. She's sooo happy! She's like a baby seal, only better, because you can adopt her and legally keep her as a

February 2017

Expanding Upon Behavior Vs. Obedience

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Expanding Upon Obedience Vs. Behavior Last week, I touched upon the differences between Obedience and Behavior training. Commands like Sit and Down to a dog are like Math and Science to a human. When dealing with Behavior, it’s more along the lines of teaching your dog morals to create a model canine citizen.