Hello! Sorry, I’m a couple of days late, but I wanted to share with you a new video I put together that was inspired by the Active Self Protection channel on YouTube.

On July 14th I posted a video that I put together comprised of clips of off-leash dogs that we’ve encountered during our Verbal Instruction training sessions at Oz Park and how we go about addressing them. This video was inspired by a recent off-leash dog incident that happened in front of our facility where my handler was forced to use physicality to get a dog who escaped a yard to back off while taking the dogs out for a walk. It turned into a bit of fiasco that has since been resolved, but it really motivated me to tackle the subject of off-leash dogs and how to handle it.

Many of our clients reached out thanking us for the video as it gave them insight on what to do which is simply to confront the situation rather than run from it. I then decided that I needed to take all my experience (I have plenty when it comes to off-leash dog encounters) and make series to help educate dog owners on how to handle those situations so expect to see more.

I then stumbled across the Active Self Protection channel where the host reviews badge cam footage and security camera footage breaking down the context and then explaining what was done correctly, what could’ve been done better, and as well as providing other insightful commentaries. Upon watching it, a lightbulb went off and I thought, ‘I can do this with dog attack footage.’ There are so many examples of off-leash dog confrontations that I’ve decided to review them and break them down as well.

I’ve reviewed many videos and I do have to say that there is a load of misinformation being brought with it and I hope to shine some light on these seemingly ‘random’ dog attacks to educate dog owners on responsible dog ownership. As well as, providing others with the insight on how to either confront or prevent an actual attack from happening by being proactive. You can view the first video of this series below. Be warned, it contains some not so pretty footage, but perhaps you may just learn something that may be of benefit to you. I welcome any and all questions or suggestions!