April 2018

Why Do Dogs Bite Kids And How Can I Keep My Child Safe?

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Put simply, because people are naïve, negligent, or just plain ignorant. Sounds harsh, but it is very true. Let me explain. You see, I’ve heard and read all sorts of bite stories coming from many different sources, people, and families. Some were being cautious, others allowed their child to take too many liberties with

March 2018

What to Do if You Own a Reactive Dog

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  You’re walking out of your apartment and you approach the elevator. You press the button and you feel the anxiety start to build up as you hold your dog’s leash tightly, subconsciously pulling up, anticipating an explosion. The elevator bell rings; the doors open, and - like clockwork - your dog begins lunging,

March 2017

How to Treat Your Dog’s Dry Skin

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I have a couple of new things for you in today’s newsletter! I’m excited to feature long-time friend and "Dog Nutrition Whisperer," Alli Glüecklich. Every first Friday of the month, she will be featured on the Canine Perspective blog. Alli has a tremendous amount of knowledge on all things dog nutrition. Whenever I have a