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I’m excited to feature long-time friend and “Dog Nutrition Whisperer,” Alli Glüecklich. Every first Friday of the month, she will be featured on the Canine Perspective blog. Alli has a tremendous amount of knowledge on all things dog nutrition. Whenever I have a client that has a pupper with allergy or skin issues due to food or that just wants the best for their pet, I always send them her way. If you have any food or nutrition-related questions, feel free to submit them into our Q&A by leaving a comment below.

What Can I Do About My Dog’s Dry Skin?

I get asked this question constantly! The most common misconception is that the best solution for dry skin is a new shampoo. While a gentle, high-quality shampoo can definitely aid in keeping the coat moisturized, the best way to treat your dog’s dry skin is by taking an internal approach and regulating their food.

In fact, over bathing will strip the coat of its naturally occurring oils. I recommend a bath every 4-6 weeks with a high-quality, soap-free shampoo. My favorite is brand is Bobbi Panter!

Foods That Will Help Your Dog’s Dry Skin

Fish oil

While most foods add some omegas, they are cooked down, oxidized and much less effective and potent by the time they make their way into your dog’s body. Adding a fresh fish oil into your dog’s food can surely do the trick. This oil is jam packed with naturally occurring omega fatty acids. A good quality fish oil will not have a fishy smell! (Make sure it is dog specific, not the human kind) My favorite is Nordic Naturals.

Coconut Oil

Each oil has its own properties, so rotating your oils is also beneficial. Coconut oil has anti-fungal properties as well, so it can be applied externally and even in the ears to combat infections! Be sure your coconut oil is cold pressed and unrefined. Feed your dog about 1 tsp per 10 lbs for best results. I buy the big container from Costco!

Dry Dog Food Can Cause Dry Skin

I won’t touch on food too much this month, but, if your dog’s skin is constantly dry, think about what is going into them every single day. FOOD! Dry food is a huge offender of skin issues. Most foods are overloaded with starchy carbs which will contribute to skin problems.

All dry foods must contain plenty of starch to hold the kibble together. Many grain free foods turn to cheap starches like potatoes – lots of potatoes! That means eliminating the grains didn’t necessarily improve the food – those sneaky dog food companies. If kibble is your food of choice and your dog has dry skin, check the ingredients and cut out potatoes.

What’s my favorite kibble for dry skin? Orijen, Acana and Zignature, because they are all grain and potato free!

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Alli Glüecklich