Puppy Training Video Playlist

You can watch Puppy Training in work and the follow-up lessons that are included to help transfer the Obedience and understanding to the owners. These videos serve as a resource for Jesse’s clients to go back and refer to. Jesse believes in complete transparency when working with clients and prospective clients and wants those interested to be able to see how he works and the knowledge he brings.


Video 1:  Reactive Dog Socialization
Teaching A Puppy How To Think, Problem Solve, And Learn Their Body Mechanics. Watch all videos here.

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Puppy Training Classes*

$415 for 6 Lessons

Adopting a cute little puppy puts many people in over their heads with potty and behavior problems. Canine Perspective‘s 6-week puppy training behavior classes cover common mistakes Pet Parents make when bringing home their little one. With puppy training classes, you are on your way to being stress free in no time!

Many problems families experience when their puppy is an adult stem from misinterpreting these behaviors when growing up. Play biting on your shoelaces and fingers is cute when you have a 10-pound German Shepherd puppy, but wait until it grows up to be 100 pounds and is still biting your fingers! In other words, don’t hesitate to start your puppy up on the right paw!

These training classes are for puppies under 6 months and cover potty/crate training, the do’s and don’ts of raising a puppy and teaching basic commands – sit, down, come and heel – using food.

Six 45-minute to an hour long lessons over 6 weeks.

*E-Mail Maria at Maria@CaninePerspectiveChicago.com to see if Jesse has availability to take on your puppy as a private client.

2 month old Maltipoo puppy looking up during behavior training class

2 month old Maltipoo puppy starting off on the right paw!

“Our girl Roxie, just adores Jesse and his gang! Jesse treats her like one of his own…Jesse was her trainer as a puppy and she is totally obedient and well trained. I recommend Canine Perspective for anyone with a new puppy or a rescue that may have obedience or training issues. Jesse is our Dog Whisperer!”

5-Star Facebook Review by Michele S.

Intermediate Puppy Training Classes

$615 for 6 Lessons

These behavior training classes are for puppies between 6-months and a year old. I consider the 6-month mark to be equal to the terrible twos stage in toddlers because this is when puppies begin to shift to an adult mindset. Therefore, at this age, I introduce pressure concepts and pair it with clicker training, giving a balance of positive and negative.

We cover the basic obedience commands sit, down, come and heel through leash work using a prong collar and clicker training.

$615 for six 1-hour long lessons over 6 weeks.

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Puppy Modification Classes

Starting At $1,500

Does your puppy seem a bit offAnti-Social? Showing signs of AGGRESSION?

It is not uncommon for a puppy to be born with behavior issues, and – in rare cases – severe aggression. If you suspect your puppy has issues, don’t hesitate to address the problem NOW! It is much easier to rehabilitate a puppy at 4 months than a dog who’s been fearful, anxious, anti-social and/or aggressive for years!

Puppy Behavior Modification Classes start at $1,500. The cost is determined based on the severity of behavior and length of time to rehabilitate your pet. This price does NOT include a training collar and you must purchase that separately. During an evaluation, I will inform you on which model you will need and which collar you will need.

You will receive your quote during the evaluation.

We achieve long-lasting results in every case. Contact Maria today to set up your consultation!

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Canine Perspective does not offer consultations for puppies under 6 months unless there are clear behavior issues like aggression, nervousness, fear, etc.