Puppy Head Start Daycare Program in Logan Square with Canine Perspective

We’re happy to announce we’ve recently opened a dog boarding, daycare and training facility in Logan Square. Expect the same structure and attention from our in-home training at a convenient location for drop-off and pick-up in the Logan Square neighborhood.

Puppy Head Start Daycare Program Rates and Information

Single Day – $50

5-Day Bundle – $245

10-Day Bundle – $475*

20-Day Bundle – $900**

*10 days is recommended, typically takes 2 weeks for a puppy to pick up on a schedule depending on the age of your puppy.
**20 days allows us to begin to teach the puppy to hold their potty for longer periods of time.

  • Veterinarians recommend waiting until your puppy is 12-weeks and fully vaccinated before bringing them to daycare & boarding facilities. Trainers recognize that between 8 to 12-weeks is a critical time for socializing, learning, crate & potty training. We do take in puppies as young as 8-weeks to help you potty & crate train your puppy through our specialized program.
  • We take extra precautions with puppies that are not fully vaccinated, but please be aware, we cannot guarantee that your puppy will be 100% safe from outside pests and diseases when being taken out for potty breaks. We take puppies off and away from the property so that they can use the bathroom in an area that is not frequently trafficked.
  • Our Puppy Head Start Program helps you with potty and crate training your puppy while you’re at work, as well as, socialization with other puppies. Puppies under 12-weeks are socialized with other puppies of the same age and not until they’re fully vaccinated are they exposed to other puppies or dogs.
  • The Puppy Head Start Program operates on an hour ON and hour OFF schedule meaning your puppy will be kenneled for an hour, taken out to potty, and then introduced to the socialization area for playtime with other puppies or our handlers for an hour then placed back in the kennel. This process is repeated throughout the day.
  • One 15-30 minute training session with food & clicker is done each day to promote cognitive development. We work on teaching the puppy to problem solve, learn their body mechanics, name recognition, Sit, Down, Stay, Place, and Come.
  • Once your puppy picks up on the schedule and begins to have little to no accidents they can enroll in regular Daycare. They are welcome to continue to utilize our program and we can tailor it to teach your puppy to hold it for longer periods of time.
  • The cost of the Puppy Head Start Program is higher per day because of the number of outings puppies require, clean up for the inevitable potty mistakes both in the kennel and in the facility, a simple bath before end of the day so that they do not smell should they soil their kennel, and the overall specialized care they’ll need to ensure their potty training is making progress.
  • We recommend leaving a bag of food with us for your puppy so that we can use their feeding times and food to help speed along the potty & crate training process.

Additional Services

Training Session

Single – $35

5-Session Bundle – $162.5

10-Session Bundle – $300

  • Puppies must be picked up after 5 pm to ensure they get their scheduled training sessions.
  • 2 15-minute training sessions targeting specific commands, tricks, or behaviors you’re wanting to address.
  • Limited to one specific command or behavior per session to ensure your dog picks up the focus of the session.

Currently offered Monday through Sunday.

What you can expect from Canine Perspective’s Structured Boarding & Daycare in Logan Square.

Structure for the Mind

Canine Perspective has brought its expertise in dog behavior to the forefront of dog daycare & boarding that will change the industry in the Chicago-land area. We are a no-frills, straightforward, what you see is what you get, service that is directed at what the dog needs, and not what the human wants.

Your dogs’ stay will be much like that of a child going to school. There will be times where your dog will be learning, as training is built-in to how handlers engage with dogs from the moment they walk into the moment they walk out. This training is to help promote good behavior when at our facility so that your dog can enjoy all of the activities and not be removed due to poor behavior.

This is done through appropriate handler training skills where the person is trained to a level where the dogs understand to behave themselves because of respect. We are not training your dog to the extent that it will carry the behaviors home with them, which requires more work and is the product of a Board & Train program. Our B&T programs come with follow up private lessons to ensure the training passes on to the owner.

Your dog will engage in small, supervised playgroups with appropriate breaks in-between to allow them to dial down and not get continuously over-stimulated. This helps prevent a constant need for interaction when going home due to non-stop engagement. Dogs will also be taught to remain calm when needed during play and not just through separation or removing them from the environment. This helps teach your dog to have an “off” switch so that it can learn to relax even when in environments with lots of activity going on. This greatly benefits dogs that struggle with impulse control.

Exercise for the Body

Physical exercise is great for your dog’s physical health. Structured physical exercise is even better for your dog’s mind. Canine Perspective is proud to be the FIRST and ONLY facility to be able to offer Pack Walks, like Cesar Milan, for its daycare, boarding, and Board & Train clients. A Pack Walk will consist of anywhere between 3 to 8 dogs walking in unison with each other through different environments. Length of time will vary between 1 to 2 hours depending on the stamina of the dogs and the weather that particular day.

Examples of other exercises:

  • Structured Fetch
  • Agility
  • Scentwork
  • Food Puzzles

Treadmill is soon to come as Canine Perspective is in the process of acquiring treadmills for its dogs.

Treadmill training will be built into the routine of daycare and boarding clients to provide both physical exercise and mental focus. Great for dogs that are insecure, nervous, or fearful as it helps build confidence as the dog overcomes its fears. Each dog is taught appropriate to its personality type. We are in no hurry to get your dog up and running on the treadmill.

Puppies in daycare

Canine Perspective: Structured Dog Boarding, Daycare, & Training

2700 North Campbell
Chicago, IL 60647

Phone: 773.661.6762
Email: info@canineperspectivechicago.com

Weekday Drop Off: 7AM to 10AM/Pick Up 3PM to 7PM

Weekend Drop Off: Anytime between 8AM – 6PM

Required Vaccinations

The following are required vaccinations and tests that need to be submitted to Canine Perspective’s Structured Daycare, Boarding, & Training in order for your pet(s) to be enrolled in any of our services.

  • Parvo
  • Bordetella
  • Rabies
  • Distemper with Leptospirosis
  • Clear Fecal Exam
  • Titer protection may be substituted for the distemper and parvovirus vaccinations.

It is highly suggested that your dog is also on some form of Flea & Tick treatment.

Cancellation Policy

All clients must cancel 48 hours in advance for our daycare services otherwise there will be a fee equivalent to half the cost of a single day of that service ($17.50 for Daycare, $15 for Pack Walk, $17.50 for Pack-tivities/Training Session). Cancellations done the day before will result in a full charge for the service(s) or a day being deducted from our bundles for those particular services.