Board & Train

Board & Trains are currently only available for obedience & minor behavior issues.

If you have not worked with Jesse before and would like to know what his methodology is you can set up a consultation to learn more about the programs available. Board & Train Consultations are $285. Should you pre-register your dog for a Board & Train within two weeks of the consultation date, $250 will be credited towards your pet’s program. Half of the program price that you choose will be required to hold your dog’s Board & Train spot. The second half of the program price and cost of training collars are due immediately after you are contacted to schedule your dog’s Board & Train program. An additional $100 will be discounted for those that pay in full up front.

Board & Train Info

Contact Maria at 773.627.9476 or at to enroll your dog today!

1- Week Tune-Ups

  • 1 week
  • Additional Week: $1,025
  • 1 Private In-Facility Lesson/week

1- Week On-Leash

  • 1 week
  • Age: Puppies 6+ months
  • 1 Private In-Facility Lesson
  • 2 Private In-Home Lesson
  • Prong Collar Required

Foundational Off-Leash

  • 2 weeks
  • Puppies Not Eligible
  • 2 Private In-Facility Lessons
  • 3 Private In-Home Lesson
  • E-Collar Required

Comprehensive Off-Leash

  • 3 weeks
  • Age: Puppies 6+ months
  • 3 Private In-Facility Lessons
  • 4 Private In-Home Lessons
  • Prong & E-Collar Required

Complete Off-Leash

  • 4 weeks
  • Additional Week: $1,025
  • 4 Private In-Facility Lessons
  • 5 Private In-Home Lessons
  • Prong & E-Collar Required

Dog Aggression Training

Aggression training is dependent on several variables including: the family, the individual personalities of each family member, the dog’s environment, the amount of time you can commit to training and whether or not you are mentally, emotionally and physically able to do the training. Most cases are done within 12 – 16 classes.

You will receive your quote during the initial consultation.
For more details about this program, visit our dog aggression training page.

Dog Aggression Training

  • 12+ Classes
  • Does not include a training collar

Dog Obedience Training

All programs require the purchase of an e-collar that is appropriate for your dog’s temperament and size, because remote training is the most reliable, fast, effective and simple method of dog training.

Obedience Training Info

On-LeashBasic Obedience

  • 6 weeks
  • 6 In-Home Private Lessons
  • Commands: Heel & Come.

IntermediateDog Obedience

  • 9 weeks
  • 9 In-Home Private Lessons
  • Commands: Sit/Stay & Down/Stay

Off-LeashDog Obedience

  • 12 weeks
  • 12 In-Home Private Lessons
  • Commands: Heel, Come, Sit, Stay & Place

Puppy Behavior Training

*E-Mail Maria at to see if Canine Perspective’s resident Puppy Expert, Maddie, has availability to enroll your puppy in private classes. Private Classes are now being held at our new facility in Logan Square.

Due to overwhelming demand Private In-Home training is currently not being offered for puppies under 6 months.

Puppy Training Info

Puppy TrainingUnder 6 Months Old

  • 6 weeks
  • Six 45-minute to hour-long lessons
  • Potty/crate training
  • Do’s & don’ts of raising a puppy
  • Basic commands (sit, down, come & heel) using food

Puppy Training6 Months – 1 Year Old

  • 6 weeks
  • Six hour-long lessons
  • Clicker training, pressure concepts
  • Basic commands (sit, down, come & heel)
  • Leash work using a prongor remote-collar

Puppy BehaviorModification Classes

  • Length of Time Varies
  • Dependent on Behavior
  • Commands: Heel, Come, Sit, Stay & Place
  • Program based on evaluation
  • Training collar must be purchased separately

Boarding & Daycare

Dogs that have trained or are training with Canine Perspective do not need to undergo an evaluation and can utilize our Daycare & Boarding services. All dogs that have not been trained by Canine Perspective need to have a 3-day evaluation in order to use our Daycare & Boarding services.

Boarding & Daycare Info


$50Single Day
  • Single Day Additional Dog – $45
  • Holiday Single Day – $60
  • Holiday Single Day Additional Dog – $55
  • 3-Day Evaluation – $60


$35Single Day
  • 10-Day Bundle – $330
  • 20-Day Bundle – $600
  • 3-Day Evaluation – $60
  • Holiday rates apply 3 days prior and 3 days after the following holidays: Easter, Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. Holiday rates allow us to appropriately staff the facility to care for all the dogs.
  • Boarding reservations for holidays must be cancelled 3 weeks in advance in order to allow us enough time to fill the spot. Should you drop off your dog later or pick up your dog early during your dog’s original boarding stay, you will be charged for the days you paid for.
  • Boarding reservations for non-holidays must be cancelled 48 hours in advance otherwise you will incur a fee equivalent to 1 day’s boarding for cancelling within 48 hours or for not showing.
  • A payment of 1 night per dog boarding is required for non-holiday reservations. A payment of 2 nights per dog boarding is required for holiday reservations.
  • All clients must cancel 48 hours in advance for our daycare services otherwise there will be a fee equivalent to half the cost of a single day of that service ($17.50 for Daycare, $15 for Pack Walk, $17.50 for Pack-tivities/Training Session). Cancellations done the day before will result in a full charge for the service(s) or a day being deducted from our bundles for those particular services.
The following are required vaccinations and tests that need to be submitted to Canine Perspective’s Structured Daycare, Boarding, & Training in order for your pet(s) to be enrolled in any of our services.
  • Parvo
  • Bordetella
  • Rabies
  • Distemper with Leptospirosis
  • Clear Fecal Exam
  • Titer protection may be substituted for the distemper and parvovirus vaccinations.
It is highly suggested that your dog is also on some form of Flea & Tick treatment.

Additional Services

Pack Walk

  • 5-Walk Bundle – $137.50
  • 10-Walk Bundle – $250
  • Tuesday – Friday


  • 5-Session Bundle – $162.50
  • 10-Session Bundle – $300
  • Monday – Sunday

Training Sessions

  • 5-Session Bundle – $162.50
  • 10-Session Bundle – $300
  • Monday – Sunday
  • Dogs must be in before 8 am to participate in that day’s Pack Walk.

  • Dogs enrolled in the Pack Walk go on a 1 – 2 hour long walk through Logan Square with Jesse in the style of Cesar Millan.

      • Must be enrolled ahead of time as slots are limited to 8 dogs for the day.
      • Dogs with minor behavioral issues not previously trained by Canine Perspective can book Training Sessions to prep their dog for Pack Walks (see below).
  • Dogs must be picked up after 5 pm to ensure they get their Pack-tivity time or to ensure they get their scheduled training session..

  • Dogs enrolled in Pack-tivies will be trained in a group setting with other dogs.

  • Dogs can be enrolled in both the Pack Walk and Pack-tivities, but must be in before 8 am to ensure they have enough time to participate in the Pack Walk, rest, and be scheduled for that day’s Pack-tivities.

List of All Services & Prices

Board & Train – Consultation$285
Board & Train – Tune-Ups1 Week – 1 In-Facility Lesson$1,175
Board & Train – Tune-Up Additional Week1 Week – 1 In-Facility Lesson$1,025
Board & Train – On-Leash1 Week – 2 In-Facility Lessons$1,375
Board & Train – Foundational Off-Leash2 Weeks – 2 In-Facility Lessons & 1 In-Home Lesson$2,750
Board & Train – Comprehensive Off-Leash (Recommended)3 Weeks – 2 In-Facility Lessons & 2 In-Home Lessons$3,750
Board & Train – Complete Off-Leash4 Weeks – 2 In-Facility Lessons & 3 In-Home Lessons$4,250
Board & Train – Complete Off-Leash Additional Week1 Week – 1 In-Facility Lesson$1,025
Dog Aggression TrainingBased on Evaluation – Most are 12-16 classes$4,250+
Dog Obedience Training – On-Leash6 Weeks – 6 In-Home Lessons$825
Dog Obedience Training – Intermediate9 Weeks – 9 In-Home Lessons$1,175
Dog Obedience Training – Off-Leash12 Weeks – 12 In-Home Lessons$1,550
Puppy Training – Under 6 Months Old6 Weeks – 6 45min-1 hour sessions$415
Puppy Training – 6 Months-1 Year6 Weeks – 6 1 hour sessions$825
Puppy Training – Behavior Modification ClassesLenght of time varies, dependent upon behavior$3,000+
Boarding – SinglePer Day$50
Boarding – Additional DogPer Day$45
Boarding – Holiday SinglePer Day$60
Boarding – Holiday Additional DogPer Day$55
Boarding/Daycare – 3-Day Evaluation3 Days$60
Pack Walk – Single1 Walk$30
Pack Walk – 5-Walk Bundle5 Walks$137.50
Pack Walk – 10-Walk Bundle10 Walks$250
Packtivities – Single1 Session$35
Packtivities – 5-Session Bundle5 Sessions$162.50
Packtivities – 10-Session Bundle10 Sessions$300
Training Sessions – Single1 Session$35
Training Sessions – 5-Session Bundle5 Sessions$162.50
Training Sessions – 10-Session Bundle10 Sessions$300