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Payment FAQ

Due to an overwhelming demand for Jesse’s expertise and the level of training that he can achieve with his clients, Canine Perspective is offering payment options. Giving you flexibility while allowing Canine Perspective to prioritize Jesse’s clients to help keep his calendar running as smoothly as possible.

What payment options are there if any?

Pay In Full

For those wanting first priority and want to start immediately. Payment in full is required.

Canine Perspective schedules clients on a first come, first serve basis.

Payment Plan (3 Payments)

For those wanting to start, but are flexible on the start date.

1/2 of the total program cost is required for deposit in order to book your time, the 2nd, and 3rd payments at 1/4 of the total program cost are due 2 weeks after the last payment until paid in full.

Please note that those that pay in full will be scheduled first. Once you’ve been given options for times, Canine Perspective will hold the times for 36 hours before offering times to another client.


Program Price – $1,200

1st Payment – $600

2nd Payment (2 weeks later) – $300

3rd Payment (2 weeks later) – $300

Flexible Payment Plan

For those who would like to work with Jesse, but need more time to pay for training.

Choose the program you would like and let us know what you can afford to pay every two weeks. You can pay as little as you’d like, however, your training does not start until your program is paid in full.

There are no refunds for those choosing the Flexible Payment Plan.

Should you stop paying for your program without notice Canine Perspective will contact you to follow up. We understand life happens, but if we cannot get in contact with you,  your Flexible Payment Plan will cancel out 2 weeks after your unpaid invoice. The amount paid will be forfeited.

Flexible Payment Plans can be paid early, however, your start date would depend on Jesse’s current availability at that time.

Example 1

Program Price – $1,200 divided into 6 payments of $200 every 2 weeks. Training would start 12 weeks after the initial payment if paid on time.

Example 2

Program Price – $1,200 divided into 12 payments of $100 every 2 weeks. Training would start 24 weeks after the initial payment if paid on time.

What payment methods are accepted?

Canine Perspective utilizes Square to digitally send invoices to your e-mail and they can be paid via Credit/Debit card, Chase QuickPay, Venmo, or check.

For those paying by check, your check must clear before you can schedule your first training session. This may cause a 1 – 2-week delay in your start date.

Paypal is not accepted.

Do you offer cash deals?


Can I do a payment plan for my puppy?

No, payment plans are not applicable to any of our puppy programs.