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Chicago’s Very Own Pack Walk And Group Social

For dog owner’s looking to participate in a Pack Walk or socialize their pets in a environment with structure. Canine Perspective will not be turning away any dog as long as the necessary precautions have been set in place. Your dog does not have to have been trained in order to attend, I will help those in need and will educate everyone on handling skills, integrating dogs, and reading their dog’s body language.

Be aware that I am only one person so I will try to give everyone equal attention. I recommend listening anytime I am working with someone as that information may very well answer some of your concerns or questions. There may also be limitations to how much your dog can participate in the socialization aspect of the class. The goal is to be able to get the dogs to coexist and not to have them meet as many variables play into effect when socializing dogs.

Jesse during a Pack Walk with 9 dogs

You can learn more about me and my methods by visiting my YouTube channel, my FAQ section, or my reviews section to read what others have to say!

Terms Of The Pack Walk and Group Social

I am CANCELLING class if there are less than 3 handlers attendance.

You MUST fill out my Pack Walk & Social Agreement in order to bring a dog.

  • In order to join each week’s Pack Walk, pay your fee with MeetUp beforehand.
  • I am allowing each handler to have one dog.
  • I welcome guests to audit the group, but they must pay the fee if they wish to bring their dog.
  • Criticizing techniques or methods another handler is utilizing for the well being of their dog will not be tolerated. I will tell you to leave and you will not receive a refund.
  • All dogs must be with two forms of collars. They must be wearing a muzzle at all times should they be needing it.
  • Keeping all dogs on a leash unless I tell you otherwise.
  • Dogs are not to greet when I am not there to supervise and everyone should keep 6-8 feet from each other.
  • Dogs are not to greet when I am not there to supervise and everyone should keep 6-8 feet from each other.

Looking forward to meeting everyone!

Jesus San Miguel