What Distinguishes Our In-Person Dog
Training Programs From Other Trainers?

All programs are tailored to your needs. The descriptions are to give you an idea of what can be accomplished and in what time frame. In-person lessons are now held at Oz Park (the busiest park in Chicago) for real results in a real environment or at our facility (don’t worry, our training carries over in all environments). All consultations, training sessions, and Zooms are also filmed and uploaded to our YouTube for reference.

Verbal Instruction Obedience Programs

Pricing For 1 On 1 Training With Jesse At Oz Park Or At Our Facility

With Canine Perspective’s exponential growth over the past year, Jesse’s responsibilities have grown as well. His availability will be limited as of 5/1/22 and full In-Home Programs  with him are temporarily suspended. One-off lessons in-home with Jesse are still being offered as well as In-Home Programs with Elias.

The rates on this column will supersede any other rates for training or consultations with Jesse as we work on updating all sites to display the correct information. Consultations with Jesse are now $235 and are not credited towards training programs.

There is Service Up-charge of $50 to relocate a single lesson to an in-home. In-home lessons done for those outside of the city of Chicago will incur our in-home hourly rate for travel to and from the city as well as the cost of the lesson.

1-Class at Oz Park

  • Individual Lesson

3-Week at Oz Park or In-Facility

  • Master The Walk

6-Week at Oz Park or In-Facility

  • Basic Control

9-Week at Oz Park or In-Facility

  • Advanced Control

12-Week at Oz Park or In-Facility

  • Full Control

30-Minute Extension (Per Class)


On-Leash Basic Obedience Training Program

$1,425 for 6 Verbal Instruction Private Lessons with Jesse at Oz Park or at our facility.

Canine Perspective’s basic dog obedience training covers the two absolutely essential commands: Heel and Come.

Heel teaches your dog to follow your moves and your direction – not the other way around! If you take one step, your dog takes one step. If you take three steps, your dog takes three steps. This level of focus is required out in the real world in our busy Chicago streets. Not to forget, your dog will automatically sit when you stop. All this is done in complete silence and without the need for treats, so there’s no need in carrying around food in your pockets anymore.

Come is the most important dog obedience command for your dog to know. Why? Because it can save your dog’s life! Running toward the street? No problem! Calling your dog away from his/her friends at the dog park? No problem!

The Video Below Shows How Effective Jesse’s Methods Are With 1 On 1 Verbal Instruction Training Sessions Held At Oz Park Or Canine Perspective’s Facility. 

Follow Jesse on Instagram to see his work in action! Do the homework, get the results!

Everyone practicing their dog obedience training Down/Stay command for a photo op during group class.

Chasing after a squirrel? No problem! Your dog will respond to your command no matter the situation! I also incorporate an implied Stay command so your pooch will not leave your side to try and rejoin their friends and play after being called.

The basic obedience training program includes six private Verbal Instruction lessons over 6 weeks. Due to COVID lessons are being held at Oz Park or at our Logan Square facility.

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Welcome to a new series on the CP Feed, WEEKLY WISDOM WEDNESDAYS!
We’ll be sharing some of ours and our staff’s tips and tricks to training, keeping your pup clean, holistic health, and just being a dog parent in general.
The first quote is one I’ve heard Jesse say over and over during lessons and consultations. It’s one of my favorites because it’s the one where I see that “click” in owners’ brains as soon as they hear it. If I’m being honest, I had that same moment myself a few years ago during MY consultation!

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This week’s Wednesday Wisdom isn’t so much “wisdom” as something I’ve said multiple times. Speaks for itself, really.
Who else?! 😜

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“Jesse is the best! He has been so helpful with now two of our dogs. The first was a bulldog and he has helped so much with overall obedience and her dog aggression. I had to stop bringing her to work and couldn’t go to dog parks anymore, after a few sessions she was already so much better and can now come with me everywhere!! We also rescued a dog and he helped so much with assessing his personality and helping him settle in nicely. No matter what the issue, Jesse can help and has so much knowledge!”

5-Star Facebook Review by Grace W.

Advance Dog Obedience Training Program

$2,025 for 9 Verbal Instruction Private Lessons with Jesse at Oz Park or at our Facility.

This program takes your canine counterpart’s obedience training to the next level by adding duration work.

Want to take your dog out to a restaurant with a patio, but don’t like having to keep pulling them back to your side? Have you ever run into a friend of yours in the street and stopped to have a conversation, only to have your dog randomly pull you in order to greet another dog?

Addressing those issues is no problem in the intermediate obedience training program, where we incorporate a Sit/Stay command and a Down/Stay command so that you can go to a patio for hours.

Once they’ve mastered those commands, your dog won’t move.

The advanced obedience training program includes nine private Verbal Instruction lessons over 9 weeks.

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Off-Leash Dog Obedience Training Program

$2,550 for 12 Verbal Instruction Private Lessons with Jesse at Oz Park or at our facility.

Do you want total and complete control over your dog in any situation?

Then this is the training package for you. It covers the Heel, Come, Sit, Stay and Place commands. This program will make your dog obedient both on- and off-leash, no matter the environment, and no matter the distractions!

The off-leash obedience training program includes twelve private Verbal Instruction lessons over 12 weeks.

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*All programs require the purchase of an e-collar that is appropriate for your dog’s temperament and size, because remote training is the most reliable, fast, effective and simple method of dog training. Just check out our Yelp, Facebook and Thumbtack reviews and the video below to see for yourself. All dogs are on an electronic collar.*