May 2019

Welcome Maddie & Rudder To The Canine Perspective Pack!

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Welcome back! It's Jesse back again with some exciting news! Maddie and her Spring Spaniel, Rudder, have joined the Canine Perspective Pack! I worked with Maddie and Rudder a good while ago and I remember reading her e-mail and recognizing she clearly had some insight already on dog behavior. When I spoke with her in

September 2018

July 2018

Cool Treats For Your Hot Dog!

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Summer means cold drinks and frozen treats. Do you ever think your pup may appreciate a cold treat, too? Unfortunately, our frozen treats are typically loaded with sugar and artificial flavors and colors, so I wouldn’t suggest sharing these with Fido! Here are some ideas to help your dog stay just as cool as you!

Why You Should Feed Your Dog “People” Food

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I constantly have people telling me that they are very strict and don’t give their dog “people” food. But in reality, we should be sharing as much food with Fido as possible. Now please, do not ration your chocolate covered deep fried Twinkie. Let’s be honest, you shouldn’t be eating that either. People food is

October 2017

5 Toxins To Watch Out For This Fall

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The Fall season is here along with the changing color in leaves and the cool weather, but along with this change comes a few concerns as well. Concerns that could cost your dog their life if you're not careful or are simply unaware of these toxins. So without further ado... 1. Chocolate - Being that it's

September 2017

A Healthy Dog Is A Happy Dog!

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It's that time of the month again where I get to feature the oh-so-knowledgeable Alli Glüecklich! Dogs should have a waistline. A visible indentation with ribs being very easily felt, and the last 2 may even be visible (body types vary). Having trouble controlling your dogs weight? Here are some tips for