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October 2017

Adopt Rocky, New MeetUp Pack Walk and Social Group, and 5 Toxins To Watch Out For This Fall

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Adopt Rocky! Rocky is the most loveable hunk you will ever meet. He is good with people and dogs and would like nothing more than to just hang out, go for walks, play, and give kisses. He has the softest fur and looks really good in sweaters. What’s not to like? This boy is still in

April 2017

Adopt Ivy, Your Vet Doesn’t Know Behavior, and New Video Intro!

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Adopt Ivy! One of the newest additions to the K9 4 Keeps rescue is Ivy! Ivy was neglected and kept in the basement tied to a pole. Thankfully, she found her way into our arms. She is so incredibly kind and loving, but she is just learning that this world is  not such a

Adopt Rocky, Is Electronic Collar Inhumane, and How Do I Know If My Pet Food Is Good Quality?!

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Adopt Rocky! Nobody's perfect, but this little cow-baby bear-kissing Bandit is pretty close! Rocky is in search of a foster or forever home where he can play with you, love you, and continue to work on his manners. He still has lots of puppy energy, but listens well, is very treat motivated and would fit perfectly in a dog savvy home. Teaching

January 2017

New Newsletter COMING SOON!

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