Daycare For Dogs
From The Canine Perspective.

A newly opened structured boarding, daycare and training facility from master dog trainer Jesse San Miguel.

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We are a structured, straightforward dog daycare service that is directed at what the dog needs, and not what the human wants.

This provides the structure, stimuli and rest that your dog needs for a healthy mind and body.


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    What's Structured Daycare Like?

    We know dropping your dog off at daycare feels like leaving a child at school. And in many ways, it’s very similar. 

    Your pup will spend time learning. Training is built into their day from the moment they walk in to the minute they’re out the door and back in your arms.

    They’ll spend time playing with other dogs in a supervised, structured way. This promotes good behavior when at our facility so that your dog can enjoy all of the daily activities and doesn’t have to sit out for bad behavior.

    Your Dog’s First Three Days With Us

    Our three-day process has been developed to give your dog a less stressful experience while you’re away.

    Day One
    Your dog does no socializing this day. The first day is used to acclimate your dog to our facility as new environments are stressful to dogs. Trying to socialize a dog under stress is more likely to lead to dog fights or aggression. This also allows handlers to get a feel for your dog.

    Day Two
    If your dog is comfortable, we will begin the socialization process on a small scale with dogs of different energy types walking around and vice versa to see if your dog has any tension to certain energies.

    Day Three
    If your dog is becoming more comfortable at our facility and with other dogs, we will then begin to socialize them in a larger group.

    If your dog is still showing signs of timidness, tension, or defensive responses, we will inform you. These behaviors do not mean your dog cannot attend our facility, but they will most likely require more work to get them comfortable.

    Our 30-minute training sessions can be used to address issues like this.