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From The Canine Perspective.

A newly opened structured boarding, daycare and training facility from master dog trainer Jesse San Miguel.

Cooper After 4 Days...

...And After 2 Weeks

We are Chicago’s best dog obedience service for both on-leash and off-leash offering board and train services from our new location at 2700 N Campbell Avenue in Logan Square, Chicago.



Jesse has worked with countless families after a failed Board & Train (sometimes even multiple) program(s). Even with follow up lessons, it just doesn’t click and in Jesse’s opinion, this is because most trainers don’t actually know how to train with a remote collar. That or the trainer will claim, “the dog knows everything, you’re just not doing it right.” Well, if that’s the case, then the trainer did a poor job of explaining the process of the remote collar or didn’t do any real exercises to transfer the obedience over.

The remote collar is the most effective training tool because of the high-rate of transference, but only when taught correctly. Canine Perspective understands the value of investment its clients make when choosing a Board & Train option and wants to reassure its clients that they will get what they paid for and ensure them that the training will transfer over to them as well.

Canine Perspective only trains with the Dogtra brand e-collar.

You may set up a Board & Train by filling out the form found on the Contact section of my website, by sending an e-mail to or by calling 773.627.9476.

Yes! If you have not worked with Jesse before and would like to know what his methodology is you can set up a consultation to learn more about the programs available. Board & Train Consultations are $285. Should you pre-register your dog for a Board & Train within two weeks of the consultation date, $250 will be credited towards your pet’s program.

Yes! Much of the work is already done, but obedience to the owner is very much reliant on the nature of the relationship. If your dog sees you as a buddy, it is very likely that you will have issues with your dog listening even after a board & train because you need to establish yourself as an authority figure. This does not mean you have to be mean to your dog, but you have to follow through with the exercises and application of remote collar as instructed otherwise, your dog will revert back.

There can be a disconnect between the owner and dog in what the dog has been taught and how the owner is supposed to apply those things. For example, if someone takes their dog in because they are dog reactive (barking and lunging at dogs) they believe the dog will return non-reactive. When in reality, the dog should have the training to a degree where the owner can prevent the dog from going into reactivity, but only if they know how to apply the obedience. Many owners believe that they will get back a dog and it will knowingly make decisions on its own without any direction. This is not true.

Jesse has worked with countless families after failed trainers and B&Ts so he has a very good understanding of how to teach clients to take what their dog has learned and how to apply it to address problem behaviors. This is very important in the dog’s continuing success and behavior management.

Depending on the case, Canine Perspective may not recommend Board & Trains when dealing with dog reactivity, dog and human aggression, separation anxiety, or other behaviors. This is because we believe it is important that you, as your dog’s primarily handler, understand how to prevent behaviors from happening and how to stop it if it is already in effect. Also, you do not see the work behind the change in your dog’s behavior that really helps you understand how the exercises work and why they work.

Canine Perspective wants all its clients to have the necessary tools and understanding required to confidently control their dog after training. So, if Jesse believes that all you need is 6 classes of private training instead of a 3-week Board & Train, he will recommend you do the private training. Jesse has built his career on complete transparency with his clients and he will not upsell you simply because it brings in more money. He wants what is best for both the human and dog in the long run.

Lastly, in many cases, dogs will not exhibit the same behaviors at a facility because they are out of their environment making it difficult to address. Other behaviors like Separation Anxiety are directly related to the owner and Board & Trains are ineffective here because the owner needs to address their dog’s attachment themselves.