I’m happy to announce that Canine Perspective’s Lakeview Pack Walks have officially begun for 2020!

If you’re not familiar with the Pack Walk they’re held at 8 am on Saturday mornings and last for roughly an hour. We meet at the John Peter Altgeld Monument which is across from the Diversey Golf Course Range (where there’s pay for parking as well if you can’t find street parking). I started the Lakeview Pack Walk as a means for dog owners who have reactive dogs to be able to expose them to other dogs in a judgement-free zone. All dogs are of course welcome to join and those that should be muzzled should arrive muzzled.

This year I am joined by my team, Enrique and Brianna, who are solid trainers and handlers at my facility. We are there to help lead the walk and help anyone who may be struggling with their dog. It’s also a nice way to catch up with everyone while we stretch our legs on a nice morning walk. So, if you happen to know of anyone struggling with walking their dog or dog reactivity, they are more than welcome to join and we’ll try to help as best we can. The muzzle rule does apply to any dog that needs to be muzzled.

Here’s a highlight from last weekend’s Pack Walk. I had never met this dog, but this young lady showed up and needed some help. So of course, we helped and made an impact on her dog’s behavior within minutes.

I know I’m writing this late so you may not get this until Saturday afternoon, but there’ll be plenty of more opportunities to join us this summer and I hope to see everyone there at least one time this year. If you can’t make it, no worries, always remember that you have my technical support after training is done and I’m more than happy to help. Email is always the best form of contact!

Hope to see every one soon and that everyone is in good health.