February 2018

How To Prevent Your Puppy From Developing Separation Anxiety

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How To Prevent Your Puppy From Developing Separation Anxiety Separation Anxiety is a very common behavior issue that I work with and in my opinion, it is more difficult to address than aggression. The reason is because it's relationship based, Meaning, the relationship that has been established between the puppy and the

January 2018

Dog Psychology 101: Claiming Space At The Door (Live Session)

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Did You Say Group Classes?! You read that right! I've branched out and partnered up with Bark By The Park in Lakeview. There are currently only two types of classes being offered. The Pup Start Program for puppies under 6 months and the Adolescent Pup Program for puppies between 6 months and

How To Introduce Dogs When It’s Cold Outside

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Bring In The New Year With Canine Perspective! (again) Welcome to the first letter of the New Year! There are many business-related New Year's resolutions I'd like to see through and several goals that I'd love to see come to fruition in 2018. First order of business is not to get comfortable.

December 2017

Don’t Forget An eGift Card This Christmas And 5 Things You Can Do To Take Your Dog Off The Naughty List!

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Adopt Nala! Nala is so happy to meet everyone. She loves to go for car rides and basically just hang out. She is pretty lazy in general, so if you are looking for a loving, happy, walrus who just wants to go for short walks, but would do best as a lady

September 2017

Adopt Maeby, Update On Boarding And Board & Train Services, And How To Know You Picked The Right Dog Trainer

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Adopt Maeby! This love was adopted about seven months ago, but unfortunately she has been brought back to us. We always stand by our dogs, so there wasn’t a question about taking her back. However, we can’t believe this nugget IS back. Maeby is about a year old now and looking for a

July 2017

Adopt Nala, Miami Dog Whisperer Reviews Canine Perspective, and Keep Your Dog Safe At The Dog Park

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Adopt Nala! Nala is an extremely loving girl who has been failed by humans more than once. She ended up in the shelter twice, but now she is ready to live with the right home with the right people. She is very loving and playful, and has the cutest little waddle or a