Zero Tolerance Policy

In providing care for dogs we understand that many view their pets as family members. Elizabeth and I also view our dogs as family members. Disagreements, although rare, do come up from time to time. We expect our clients to conduct themselves respectfully as we are expected to as well.

We reserve the right to reject and/or remove any client who conducts themself in a disrespectful or threatening way. Any unused service credits will be forfeited and no refunds will be given.

We deal with difficult dogs, we will not deal with difficult owners. – Jesse

  • Quiet, structured kennel. Dogs that bark, but cannot be corrected will not be allowed to utilize our facility services.
  • Boarding service only available to training clients or “Daycare regulars.”
  • Minimum 1x/week Daycare attendance to qualify as a regular.
  • New clients must pass our 3-Day Evaluation and attend one month of Daycare to qualify as a regular (and then maintain their weekly attendance).
  • Reactive dogs may require muzzle and/or e-collar to participate in daily activities.
  • Credit card on file to pre-pay for all services.
  • Only bring your dog’s leash, collar and food.
  • No beds, bowls, toys or etc. will be accepted at check-in.
  • Boarding drop off is open to close. Pick up is by 11am moving forward effective 2/1/24.



Our Transport Van operates on three hour windows, twice daily. The morning route runs from 6:45AM – 9:45AM and the evening route runs from 4:00PM to 7:00PM. Your dog can be picked up anytime within these windows. We do not take specific timing requests.


Transportation requests must be made 24 hours in advance. We cannot guarantee reservations made in less than 24 hours. If your request is not approved in Gingr the day prior, please call or reach out via email to confirm your dog’s spot in the van.


Cancellations can be made via email or in Gingr up to 12 hours in advance. Please note same-day cancellations are subject to a one-way fee or loss of Transport Bundle credit. We create our routes the day prior in order to create the most efficient route possible. Even individual changes can throw off our timing as well as take away a spot from another client, particularly on our busiest days.


We require two sets of keys to sign up for Transports. One set is kept securely at the facility and the other comes out on the route with our driver. We no longer accept keys in lockboxes due to past issues with changing codes, being frozen in the winter, and etc. Door and building codes are fine in the event your home does not use traditional keys.


Our driver sends out an ETA text prior to leaving the facility and again upon arrival. Please note the initial ETA text is just that – an ETA. Things like traffic, elementary school drop offs, and construction street closures can impact our ETA during the route. Upon arrival to your home, you have 5 minutes to let us know if you’re coming out before we will assume permission to use your keys to enter the home. Alternatively, you can provide permission for us to come and go at our leisure to make for even smoother Transport service.

Service Requests

Daycare/Boarding Walk-ins Accepted

Transport Requests 24 Hours Advance Notice Needed
(Dogs Must Be Approved To Use Transport First)


Facility: 773.661.6762

Training Inquiry: 773.627.9476

Tina (Jesse’s Assistant): 872.294.4940

Facility & General E-Mail: info@canineperspective.com

Scheduling Training With Jesse E-Mail: tina@canineperspective.com

E-mail is monitored 8am – 4pm Mon through Fri

Phone is monitored during open business hours

Facility Hours

Mon – Fri: 7am to 7pm

Sat – Sun: 8am – 6pm

Pick-up from boarding by 11am

Pick-up from boarding after 11am, by 7pm: $40 daycare charge

Pick-up or boarding drop-off after close by 10pm: $15 late pick-up/drop-off fee

Drop-off 30 minutes before open: $15 early drop-off fee/No charge for Pack Membership clients

Perks For Supporting Our Small Business

Perks For Our Daycare Clients

  • Participate in supervised group play.
    • Small groups of 8-12 dogs.
    • Iso or ball time for our anti-social friends.
  • Treadmill for one hour every day.
  • Eligibility to Board at our structured kennel.
  • Complimentary training consultation with Elizabeth.
    • Or paid consultation with Jesse that is creditable towards your program.

Perks For Our Training Clients

  • Daycare minimum attendance not required to utilize Boarding services.
  • Extra activity during hourly rotations: Duration work!
  • Add extra tune-up training to your Boarding reservation.
  • 10% discount on all retail purchases.

Perks For The Whole Pack

  • Free Daycare on your dog’s birthday! Be sure to have this in  your dog’s profile or e-mail us to let us know!
  • Access to rolling monthly retail discounts.
  • No communal water pails or food bowls. Dogs each have their own bowls and a private 4’ x 7’ kennel with AC in the summer and heated floors in the winter
    • Siblings may kennel together, by owner request.
  • Complimentary Nutrition & Wellness consultations with Elizabeth.
    • Diet, vaccines, raw food, breed-specific illnesses, we cover it all from a holistic approach!

Membership Perks

Our Membership will require a six month minimum commitment, in order to avoid the additional admin work of taking clients on and off the Membership (and for keeping track of perks, belongings, etc.). We’re offering options to pay month-to-month or to prepay for a discounted rate for either 6 months or a full year.

The monthly Membership fee is $89 and will be automatically charged to your card on file through Square. If you opt for the 6-month prepay option, the Membership is $480 (a 10% or $54 savings). And if you’d like to reserve your membership for the full year, the rate is $900 (a 15% or $168 savings).

For those with two dogs, the monthly membership fee will be $149 and we’ll offer the same 10% and 15% discounts if you prepay for 6 or 12 months.  

Perks For Our Daycare Clients

  • 1 add-on service per month
    • Ability to roll over unused credits and bundle them for boarding stays
  • Complimentary Kuranda bed for all Boarding stays / keep a bed here
    • If you opt to keep a bed here, we will ask that you sign a form relieving us of liability should your dog soil, chew, or ingest part of their bed
    • Though we keep a close eye on all our dogs, we can’t have eyes everywhere at all times and is one of the biggest reasons we’ve not allowed beds in the past
  • 15% discount on all retail purchases
  • Personal cubby for belongings and food
    • No need to pre-bag meals either! Keep a bin here if you’d like!
    • Beds can also be stored as long as they are clearly labeled with your dog’s name
  • Boarding pick up until End of Daycare Day
    • Rather than our new 11:00AM check out, you have until 7:00PM on weekdays and 6:00PM on weekends to pick up from Boarding, all for the standard $60/night charge
    • Pickups between “EODD” and 10pm still incur the additional $15 Late Pickup Fee
  • Early drop off at 6:30AM!
    • This is our most-requested service and we’re happy to begin to offer early drop off free of charge for our members
    • In order to not make things too confusing for our staff, there will be a $15 fee for non-members
    • Non-members MUST book in advance if they want early drop off
    • Like our Late Fees, the Early Fee will be automatically charged to your card on file if you drop off early, to the minute!
      • 6:30AM – 6:59AM on weekdays
      • 7:30AM – 7:59AM on weekends

Perks For Our Training Clients

  • Borrow an e-collar while yours is being repaired
    • Things happen, we get it! Send your collar into Dogtra but don’t be without one; have one of ours on loan
    • Non-members will be asked for a rental fee should they need to borrow one of our “facility collars” to help cover the cost of damages they have incurred when we have loaned them out previously
  • Upgrade your monthly add-on service
    • We’re streamlining our “add-on” bundle credits so that if you buy a bundle, a certain amount of credits can be applied towards private lessons with Jesse, group classes, and other fun upgrades.
    • Details will be outlined by this summer and you can always use the monthly credit for a walk or add-on training in the meantime
  •  Weekly Pack Walks are coming back!
    • We’re still working on the logistics but we will select one day per week to take the old school, Jesse pack walk!
    • It will likely be Sunday, Monday or Friday to accommodate our Boarding friends but stay tuned for Summer 2024!

What Distinguishes Us From The Rest

Our Facility

  1. Founded and led by a Master Dog Trainer and Behavior Expert with 14 years of experience.
  2. Our kennel is quiet and structured. We are tailored to the dog, not the human.
    • One handler to 8-12 dogs.
  3. Boarding cancellations okay. No deposit required.
    • You don’t lose your daycare credit if your dog is a no-show or for last minute cancellation.
  4. No daycare or boarding walk-in fee. We can accommodate walk-ins. If kennels are full, we can set up a wire kennel for the time being.
  5. We only require once a week daycare attendance for dogs not trained by us.
    • No holiday boarding minimum. Your dog can stay for 1 night or several nights.
  6. If a dog requires vet assistance in our care and we are responsible. We’ll cover the cost.
    • A dog getting kennel cough is not the same as we cannot account for where our clients take their dogs outside of daycare. We assume and expect clients to not bring their dog to our facility if their dog is showing signs of illness.
  7. Since opening our doors in September of 2019, we’ve only had kennel cough come through twice.
  8. Treadmill for all our dogs and ball time for our anti-social dogs is apart of the day.
    • Reactive dogs still get to experience a fulfilling day of being included in the day to day activities.

Other Facilities

  1. Trainer on hand, but no one knows what they’re doing. Why do you think it’s loud and chaotic?
  2. May look all cute and frilly, but is a constant stressor due to the lack of structure and constant barking.
    • One handler to 30+ dogs in a room is normal.
  3. Boarding deposit required. Non-refundable deposit required for long stays or for holiday booking.
    • You lose your daycare credit for no-show or last minute cancellation.
  4. Boarding or daycare walk-in fees. Daycare may fill up and not accommodate walk-ins.
  5. 2-3 days of daycare a week required to utilize boarding.
    • Holiday boarding minimum of 3-5 nights depending on the facility.
  6. Other facilities have clauses removing them of any responsibility of providing compensation despite the dog sustaining an injury under their care.
    • For example, a few clients have picked up their dog from daycare with punctures and/or lacerations and were not notified nor were they compensated for the vet care needed.
  7. Kennel cough is a regular thing.
    • A client noted to Jesse that their dog got kennel cough on two completely separate occasions from boarding which has led to them being reluctant to leave them anywhere.
  8. You have to pay for treadmill or ball time.
    • Reactive or anti-social dogs are usually isolated and/or are left in an isolation pen to bark at dogs passing by all day.