June 2019

How to Exercise Your Dog Without Leaving the House

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How to Exercise Your Dog Without Leaving the House With the unusually rainy couple of months we’ve had in Chicago, I’ve gotten a lot of questions from friends about how to “wear out” their dog if they can’t go for a walk. Yes, the truth is, streaks of bad weather can be tough on dog

May 2019

Canine Perspective is Expanding To Daycare And Boarding!

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Hello! Jesse of Canine Perspective here. I know it’s been quite a while since I last posted, but things have gotten incredibly busy in the past year. Which, as I check my blog posts, the last blog I actually wrote myself was May 27thof last year so at least I’m a little early! The reason

July 2018

Cool Treats For Your Hot Dog!

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Summer means cold drinks and frozen treats. Do you ever think your pup may appreciate a cold treat, too? Unfortunately, our frozen treats are typically loaded with sugar and artificial flavors and colors, so I wouldn’t suggest sharing these with Fido! Here are some ideas to help your dog stay just as cool as you!

Why You Should Feed Your Dog “People” Food

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I constantly have people telling me that they are very strict and don’t give their dog “people” food. But in reality, we should be sharing as much food with Fido as possible. Now please, do not ration your chocolate covered deep fried Twinkie. Let’s be honest, you shouldn’t be eating that either. People food is

June 2018

Does Uber Allow Dogs in Chicago? What About Lyft?

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Image source. If you don't own a vehicle, getting your dog around Chicago can be difficult, whether it's to the groomer, the vet, training classes, or even the beach. You've maybe even asked yourself, "does Uber allow dogs?" The short answer is yes. However, unless your dog is a certified service animal, it's not

May 2018

Aggression in Dogs: An In-depth Training Example

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Meet Milo, a very aggressive Pug mix that lives in a building where everyone knows to stay away from him. Milo demonstrates that aggression in dogs is not based solely on a dog's breed. And, although many would think this is a dog that comes from an abusive background, I didn't think that