This page is meant to serve as a resource for Canine Perspective’s clients for commonly needed training tools and for frequently asked questions.
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Training Prep Videos For Onboarding Clients

Dogtra Tutorial Video

Fitting An E-Collar

Fitting E-Collar With A Prong Collar

Finding Your Dog’s Working Level

Disclaimer for Collars:

Only purchase Herm Sprenger brand prong collars.


  • purchase prong collars that have been altered with snap buckles, covers, or rubber tips as these things inhibit the effectiveness of the collar making them useless.
  • purchase prong collars that have an alligator clip. These are more likely to come undone.

The Following Images Are Examples Of What NOT To Buy

Here’s a link to prong collars we use and recommend as well as other training collars.

Please note, when purchasing any collar, please measure your dog’s neck first to ensure the appropriate fit for your dog. Extra links can also be purchased to increase the collar’s size to fit your dog.

When purchasing a slip chain, measure the base of your dog’s neck and add 4 inches to the length. That is the length of chain you will be needing. This is to be used in conjunction with your dog’s prong collar or with an e-collar.

Training Collars


The brand I recommend is Baskerville. It allows the dog to both eat food, drink water, and pant appropriately making it ideal for extended wear. PetCo generally carries them, Pet Supplies Plus carry them sometimes as well. Otherwise, you can order them online.
JAFCO is another recommended brand. Always opt for muzzles that have a 3rd strap across the forehead for added security.

Info for getting the appropriate muzzle:

…”I have used Muzzles to train dogs since 1974 and sold them for 20 years. This article is an overview of the different kinds of muzzles and how they work.”

– quote

“Finding the best muzzle for your dog: An equipment guide”

The Following Videos Are Basic Muzzle Training

Here Are Some More Videos On Counter Conditioning


Canine Perspective will ONLY train with the Dogtra brand of e-collar. This ensures consistency amongst all clients and their dogs. Dogtra is the best brand by far and is worth the investment.

Jesse will inform you which collar(s) will be suited for your specific dog’s personality. DO NOT buy a collar not recommended by Jesse.

Dogtra 280C (1 dog system, 35lb dogs and under, medium-low power, soft personalities)
Dogtra 280c
Dogtra 282C (2 dog system, 35lb dogs and under, medium-low power, soft personalities)
Dogtra 282c
Dogtra 2300NCP Expandable (1 dog system expandable to 2 dogs, 70lb dogs and under, medium-high power, mild personalities)
Dogtra 2300NCP Expandable
Dogtra 2300NCP Expandable Collar – Dog 2
Dogtra 2300NCP Expandable Collar – Dog 2
Dogtra Black Edition (70lb dogs and over, high power, power breeds, stubborn personalities)
Dogtra Black Edition

E-Collar Accessories

Comfort Adapter meant for extended wear.
Comfort Adapters
Contact Points for coats of different lengths and densities.
Contact Points

Training Leashes

A 30-foot leash is recommended. This leash is meant for Recall or Come when called training.
Hi Kiss
This leash is a bit more expensive but allows you to shorten the length of the leash if needed.