COVID Update, Pack Art Walks, Zoom Sessions, And More

Hello everyone, Jesse here, coming out of quarantine looking like the Sasquatch. Or, to those of you in the know, Sax-squatch.

Things have been all over the place for the past few months and it has been quite the ride navigating through this time. Daycare & Boarding services are essential so the facility was able to continue to offer those services, but with everyone working from home and not being able to travel, things were incredibly slow. Now that the city has re-opened things seem to be slowly picking up.

In response to the epidemic, I began to offer Zoom sessions for puppies under 6-months, as well as, dog training completely hands-free (of me) and purely via verbal instruction to clients with great success. Many are enjoying it even more because they are doing everything themselves and working through the little nuances which teach them even more than me working through it for them. We’ve also been recording all our consultations, Zoom puppy lessons, and in-person training sessions at Oz park for them to reference if needed and to help provide even more info to those wanting to learn more. You can find those videos by clicking –>HERE<–

You can find out more about our services during COVID by clicking –>HERE<– We’re adapting as time goes on so apologies in advance for any sudden changes that may come.

Previously, Pack Walks was a service you could purchase, but with things being as slow as they are and to get ourselves out and stretch our legs, we began incorporating them as a part of the day and even turned it into a highlight with the hashtag #PackArtWalk on Instagram where we find a mural, painting, or street art project and take a photo with the pups! We enjoy it, the dogs enjoy it (maybe not the art so much, definitely the walk), and our followers enjoy it as well so it’s win-win all around. So if you’re on Instagram and are out walking your pupper and see some art, use the hashtag #PackArtWalk and take a picture of you and your pup, just you or just your pup and spread the art!

Below is a photo from a Pack Walk we did just this past Monday. We were able to record the process and despite a few hiccups and time constraints. If you’d like to see what that process looks like you can watch –>HERE<– I decided to make a series of videos that teaches how one can go about walking a pack of dogs in the style of Cesar Millan as I couldn’t find anything on the topic and thought, “why not?”

Pack Of Dogs, Pack Walk

With so much time on my hands I’m also working on some Do It Yourself and How-To videos so if you’re on YouTube, feel free to Subscribe!

Lastly, stay tuned as I plan on bringing back Saturday morning Pack Walks in Lakeview!

Be healthy and be safe.