Why Do I Need A Consultation?

Consultations are very important for behavior evaluations. Many times, what may seem like aggression is simply frustration or bratty behavior. I’m able to assess your dog and tell you what you’re seeing and why, as well as, my approach and how it works to alleviate your dog’s issues. Also, since I am predominantly an E-Collar trainer, I can better inform you on why I use remote collars for training, why they’re both safe and effective, and let you feel one so that you can make a more educated choice when deciding whether to move forward or not with my training regime.

How Do I Set Up A Consultation?

You may set up a consultation by filling out the form found on the Contact section of my website.

Consultation Request Form

Turnaround Time?

Effective as of 5/1/21 there is a 5-7 business day turnaround time on booking consultations and/or onboarding new clients with Jesse. Jesse is currently booking out 1-2 months.

To help provide clients with an option to start sooner, Enrique is now performing consultations on behalf of Canine Perspective and is accepting his own private clients. Turnaround time for Enrique is currently 1-3 business days.

Is There A Fee?

Yes. Due to overwhelming demand, payment is due first before the scheduling process can begin.

Consultations with Jesse are $135 and are NOT credited towards training programs. How the consultation is held is dependent on Jesse’s schedule for the day. Consultations can be either in-person at Oz Park, in-person at our Logan Square Facility, or via Zoom.

Consultations can now be done with Enrique, Canine Perspective’s Facility Training Manager. Consultations with Enrique will be credited toward your training program and will be held via Zoom.

The scheduling process does not begin until the non-refundable fee is paid.

How Do I Pay The Fee?

Once you’ve completed your form you will be redirected to a link to pay for your consultation form. Be sure to pay the fee for the trainer you’ve selected! Submitting the form requesting Enrique and then paying for a consultation with Jesse will cause a delay in your booking. If you would like to switch trainers you can let either Maria or Tina know once they’ve reached out to you.

Do not submit a Consultation Form if you are unsure as there are NO REFUNDS. NO EXCEPTIONS.

Do You Travel To The Suburbs?

Yes, but it is expensive. Travel to training outside of the city of Chicago will incur our hourly In-Home rate ($275) an hour for the time we are out. If it is 1 1/2 hours to travel to you and another 1 1/2 hours to travel back plus the 1 hour of training in your home that would equal 4 hours multiplied by $275 totaling $1,100 for a single lesson.