Why Do I Need A Consultation?

Consultations are very important for behavior evaluations. Many times, what may seem like aggression is simply frustration or bratty behavior. I’m able to assess your dog and tell you what you’re seeing and why, as well as, my approach and how it works to alleviate your dog’s issues. Also, since I am predominantly an E-Collar trainer, I can better inform you on why I use remote collars for training, why they’re both safe and effective, and let you feel one so that you can make a more educated choice when deciding whether to move forward or not with my training regime.

How Do I Set Up A Consultation?

You may set up a consultation by filling out the form found on the Contact section of my website, by sending an e-mail to Maria@CaninePerspectiveChicago.com or by calling 773.627.9476.

Consultation Request Form

Is There A Fee?

Yes, consultations for obedience and minor behavior problems are $135, $235 for human aggression cases, and $285 for Board & Train consultations. If you decide to move forward within 2-weeks of the consultation date, a portion of the fee will be credited towards the training program.

$100 is credited for obedience and minor behavior consultations.

$200 is credited for human aggression consultations.

$250 is credited for Board & Train consultations.

Your time is not reserved until the fee is paid.

How Do I Pay The Fee?

Once we’ve set up a date and time, I will send an invoice via e-mail. You have 48 hours after paying the fee to receive a refund should you cancel unless the consultation is booked for the same day or within that 48 hour time frame.