Lincoln Park Dog Training

You and your dog should be enjoying the neighborhood. Canine Perspective helps you do this.

Your dog is your best friend. And you want to take your best friend with you wherever you go. But what happens when your best friend doesn’t like being around other people or dogs and you’re forced to leave your friend at home? You look forward to the summer in Chicago where you can be outside but dread bringing your best friend with you because the last time you took them to Wiggly Field, there were awkward encounters with dogs, dog owners and people enjoying the beautiful weather. You can’t take a casual walk, go to dog parks or visit dog beaches. What if you could enjoy all of these? And wouldn’t it be great if your best friend could enjoy them with you?

The good news is: you both can. It just takes finding the right trainer who understands why your dog is thinking the way they are and what it takes to change their thinking for the better. Jesse San Miguel of Canine Perspective is that trainer. Jesse specializes in adjusting the behavior of dogs while helping dog owners communicate with their best friends.

Canine Perspective is based just north of Lincoln Park in Boystown. But as an expert in his field in altering dog behavior and aggression, Jesse travels around the entire Chicagoland area. This means meeting you to work with your dog in Lincoln Park is no problem!

Learn How Canine Perspective Can Help You & Your Dog

Here’s a recent review from one of Jesse’s clients in Lincoln Park

“As a very well-socialized Lincoln Park puppy (dog parks and beaches for days!), it was surprising to us to see Harper begin barking at strangers. It became progressively worse, and in fact it caused us to stop taking Harper to dog parks, family events, and even walks became very stressful. We tried everything. We had many trainers, boot camps, collars, leashes, prescription medications, over the counter medications, alliterative meds, and training styles. Nothing was working. We basically thought we would just never have company over again.. never go to dog parks.. never go to the beach… until we found Jesse.

Jesse’s work with Harper has changed our lives. After only 5 sessions together, my husband successfully took Harper to the dog park for the first time last night, and he was walking up to all the strangers for pets! It’s a process, but Harper is now learning to manage his anxiety in a healthy way that does NOT involve barking at everyone! We look forward to our next 7 sessions with Jesse and what the future holds for Harper.”
– Brandy, Lincoln Park Chicago resident

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