Canine Perspective is a no-frills, straightforward service directed at what the dog needs, not what the human wants. We seek to bring our expertise in dog behavior to the forefront of dog daycare & boarding in the Chicago-land area. Transportation is also available to nearby areas.

What Comes First

Your dog must complete our 3-Daycare Day Evaluation in order to use our Daycare services. The evaluation is $105 in total for the 3 days.

Only Daycare regulars are able to utilize our Boarding services. We understand you want what’s best for your dog. So do we. That’s why we only board dogs that have trained with us or dogs that attend daycare at least once a week. Twice is recommended to keep them familiar to our space.

3-Day Evaluations

Dogs that have trained or are training with Canine Perspective do not need to undergo an evaluation and can utilize our Daycare & Boarding services. Evaluations are not required, but are recommended for those planning on using our Board & Train or Daycare & Train programs.
All dogs that have not been trained by Canine Perspective need to have a 3-day evaluation in order to use our Daycare. Your dog must be a daycare regular in order to utilize our boarding services. This is in response to untrained dogs breaking out of kennels, destroying kennel pans, and excessive barking due to stress putting more work on the staff that they are not being paid to do.
Phone: 773.661.6762 Email:

Day 1

Your dog does no socializing this day. My handlers get a feel for your dog as they acclimate to our facility. New environments are stressful, and trying to socialize a dog under stress is more likely to lead to dog fights or aggression.

Day 2

Pending your dog’s comfort level, we will begin the socialization process on a small scale with dogs of different energy types walking around and vice versa to see if your dog has any tension to certain energies.

Day 3

When your dog becomes more comfortable with the facility and other dogs, we’ll socialize them in a larger group. If there are still signs of timidness, tension or defensive responses, we may advise more work. Our 30-minute training sessions can be used to address these issues.

What you can expect from our Structured Boarding & Daycare

Your dogs’ stay will be much like that of a child going to school. Training is built-in to how handlers engage with dogs from the moment they walk into the moment they walk out. This training is to help promote good behavior when at our facility so that your dog can enjoy all of the activities and not be removed due to poor behavior. Handlers are trained to a level where dogs understand appropriate behavior out of respect. Our  Board & Train program includes follow up private lessons to ensure training passes on to the owner.

Canine Perspective is a licensed operating kennel through the state of IL and is insured and bonded.


$60Single Day
  • Single Day Additional Dog – $55
  • Holiday Single Day – $70
  • Holiday Single Day Additional Dog – $65


$40Single Day
  • 5-Day Bundle – $195
  • 10-Day Bundle – $380
  • 20-Day Bundle – $700
  • 3-Day Evaluation – $105
  • Holiday rates apply 3 days prior and 3 days after the following holidays: Easter, Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years. Holiday rates allow us to appropriately staff the facility to care for all the dogs.
  • Boarding reservations for holidays must be canceled 3 weeks in advance in order to allow us enough time to fill the spot. Should you drop off your dog later or pick up your dog early during your dog’s original boarding stay, you will be charged for the days you paid for.
  • Boarding reservations for non-holidays must be canceled 48 hours in advance otherwise you will incur a fee equivalent to 1 day’s boarding for canceling within 48 hours or for not showing.
  • A payment of 1 night per dog boarding is required for non-holiday reservations. A payment of 2 nights per dog boarding is required for holiday reservations.
  • All clients must cancel 48 hours in advance for our daycare services otherwise there will be a fee equivalent to half the cost of a single day of that service ($17.50 for Daycare, $15 for Pack Walk, $17.50 for Pack-tivities/Training Session). Cancellations done the day before will result in a full charge for the service(s) or a day being deducted from our bundles for those particular services.
The following are required vaccinations and tests that need to be submitted to Canine Perspective’s Structured Daycare, Boarding, & Training in order for your pet(s) to be enrolled in any of our services.
  • Parvo
  • Bordetella
  • Rabies
  • Distemper with Leptospirosis
  • Clear Fecal Exam
  • Titer protection may be substituted for the distemper and parvovirus vaccinations.
It is highly suggested that your dog is also on some form of Flea & Tick treatment.

Structure for the Mind

  • Your dog will engage in small, supervised playgroups with appropriate breaks to promote relaxation and prevent a constant need for interaction when going home due to non-stop engagement and over-stimulation.
  • Your dog will also be taught to remain calm when needed during play, as well as through separation or removal from their environment. This “off” switch teaches relaxation even in environments of high activity and benefits dogs that struggle with impulse control.

Structured Exercise

Structured physical exercise is great for your dog’s physical health, and even better for your dog’s mind. Canine Perspective is proud to be the FIRST and ONLY facility to be able to offer Pack Walks, like Cesar Milan, for its Daycare, Boarding, and Board & Train clients. Canine Perspective is also in the process of acquiring treadmills for its dogs and will be built into the routine of daycare and boarding clients to provide both physical exercise and mental focus. Treadmill training helps build confidence for insecure, nervous or fearful dogs. Each dog is taught appropriate to its personality type. Other exercises may include structured fetch, agility, scentwork, and food puzzles.

Add On Services For Your Dog’s Daycare Day Or Boarding Stay

Training Sessions

  • 5-Session Bundle – $162.50
  • 10-Session Bundle – $300
  • Monday – Sunday
  • Exclusive to clients who’s dog has completed a e-collar or prong collar program with us. No video or follow up is provided.

Individual Walk

  • 5-Session Bundle – $162.50
  • 10-Session Bundle – $300
  • Monday – Sunday
  • 30-minute outdoor walk.

Contact Us

2926 West Lake Street Chicago, IL 60612 Phone: 773.661.6762 Email:


Pick Up & Drop Offs

Weekday Hours

Weekend Hours

Boarding Pick Up & Drop Off by Appointment Hours: 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.
Daycare Drop Off: 7 a.m. to 10 a.m. Pick Up: 3 p.m. to 7 p.m. 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Happy #sundayfunny meme day, pack!
Penny wants to know if this angle makes her look fat. Felt cute, might chew on Mom's shoes later. For now, Penny’s testing out her new ring light. Hears they're all the rage with her fellow influencers. Did she get the filter right? So many thigs to consider on her path to social media stardom…

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23 2

It’s Sunday Scaries time for Jorts. She has a very stressful 9-5 so please don’t bring up that tomorrow is Monday. She’d rather not think about it. Or that Mom used her grief to submit a meme photo. The nerve.
But next time you’re feeling her pain, feel free to use her adorable meme. It's a whole mood.

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Thanks to our favorite hell hound @iggyluci for the photo submission!
We think he makes one heck of a meme for today’s #sundayfunny !
Disclaimer: Canine Perspective in no way suggests Luci would ignore commands from his mother or that Jesse would ever not listen when Elizabeth talks. Such notions would be slanderous and are not true or valid on any way.

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We’re back with another FRIDAY FEATURE pup and this week we’re introducing our old pal, RUMMY!
It’s indeed a lucky hand when this good boy comes to stay. Having trained with us and coming almost daily for daycare, there’s nothing you won’t see Rummy doing here at the facility. He loves to play with his friends, work on his duration, and he even hops up and down when it’s time to do his treadmill time!
Rummy was a referral who has since referred other friends to our pack and no surprise – they’re all fabulous pups! We love referrals almost as much as we love spending so much time with Mister Rummy and we look forward to many more years of fun with this very good boy.

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Who else thinks we should start generating our own dog memes?!
I love” Sunday Funnies” because they’re nostalgic but I get that anyone under maybe 30-years-old probably doesn’t even know what a newspaper is…so I guess I can get with the times and switch my Sunday posts to memes.
Have a funny photo of your pup? Submit it in the DMs or email it to and we can turn Sundays into CP-meme day!

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Today is (probably) Luna’s fourth birthday. She was homeless so who knows.
Most of you know my story so I wanted to take her birthday as an opportunity to share why this reactive dog is the best thing that ever happened to me.
Of course because of her behavioral issues, Luna led me to Jesse and for that I can’t be more grateful. But she (and he) has taught me so very much along the way.
I grew up with easy, wonderful Golden Retrievers. I wouldn’t trade my experiences with them for anything. But Luna will always be different because of the training we went through together.
While Luna absolutely needed and continues to need her e-collar to curb her reactivity and help cope with the world around her, I wish my last dog had also achieved this level of training because of the bond it creates.
One of the most frequent questions Jesse always gets is whether the collar will make their dog fearful, not as loving, etc. etc. and I’m sure he’ll give trainer reasons why that’s bogus but my take is that it makes your dog MORE loving and loyal. As a dog momma I can say that my bond with Luna is unlike anything else because I’m her leader and her mother. My last dog Indy made good choices 90% of the time but that 10% was always a risk. And she was happy with anyone. She didn’t have enough training to look to me as her pack leader.
Luna needs me. As a companion. As a leader. As a snuggle buddy. As an assistant squirrel hunter. All of the above.
Knowing who is in charge in our relationship makes it even stronger which is why I’m so thankful for her training. And why no matter how “good” of a dog I ever get down the road, Jesse will always train it so we can have this level of bond. Deeper obedience to me just means more fun which means so much more love.

#studentsofcpi #dogsofcpi #reactivedogawareness #reactivedogtraining #reactivedogs

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Questions & Answers

What To Expect During With Our Daycare & Boarding

  1. Being left in a new environment is stressful to dogs and can cause stomach upset (diarrhea) after leaving especially after a long period of time. It is also common for dogs to have a loss in appetite. As your dog becomes more accustomed to our facility these issues may go away or resolve themselves more quickly during repeated visits.
  2. Dogs will commonly display nervous, anxious, and fearful behaviors when in a new environment. Our 3-day evaluation allows us to gradually acclimate your dog to our facility to better ensure a positive experience.
  3. We want to keep our facility as clean as possible so all dogs are taken out on potty breaks throughout the day.
  4. Our Daycare & Boarding blends training, discipline, playtime, and rest that sends dogs home physically and mentally tired and not adrenalized and over-stimulated.

What You Need To Bring For Your Dog’s Stay With Us

  1. Bring each meal individually bagged in a Ziploc.
  2. If your dog receives wet food, we require you to provide a cover to reseal the can.
  3. We can accommodate dogs on a raw diet. Each meal will need to be individually bagged and brought in a Tupperware container.
  4. Treats are welcome. Please label with your dog’s name.
  5. If your dog is on a medication, we require you to provide pill pockets or canned food in order to administer the medication.
  6. If your dog has been trained on or wears a prong collar, e-collar, and/or Gentle Leader Head Halti we encourage you to bring your dog with them. We will label your e-collar, remote, and charger with your dog’s name to ensure it doesn’t get lost.

How We Handle Dogs With Behavior Issues

  1. Canine Perspective’s Staff is trained personally by Jesse San Miguel to ensure consistency in the management of dogs. Weekly meetings are also held to keep all handlers up to date on our dogs and addressing behaviors.
  2. All Handlers are trained on the appropriate use of slip leash, prong collar, and e-collar to ensure any and all training that former clients have done is reinforced.
  3. Dogs not trained by Canine Perspective are handled and transported via slip leash. Harnesses and Flexi-leashes are not allowed as they give minimal control of your dog. They also promote or exacerbate unwanted behaviors.
  4. If a dog were to exhibit any of the following behaviors it will be corrected. Reactivity Whining Barking Lunging Pulling Fence Fighting Chewing Biting
  5. All dogs are held to the same standard regardless of size, breed, or personality. This allows us to safely and effectively socialize dogs that are deemed ‘hard to handle’ and ‘anti-social.’
  6. If your dog has not trained with Canine Perspective, is on no training collar, and is displaying unwanted behaviors that cannot be addressed via slip leash we will inform you and ask that you allow us to fit and correct your dog with the appropriate training tool. If we cannot effectively correct your dog then they will not be able to utilize our Daycare and Boarding services.

What If Your Dog Is Aggressive, Anti-Social, And/Or Reactive

  1. If your dog has had aggression issues towards dogs or humans we require that your dog be muzzle conditioned prior to coming to our facility. This allows us to safely try to socialize your dog.
  2. Your dog may need additional work in order for them to be able to socialize with other dogs. We offer specialized training sessions that can be used to get your dog to be sociable with others within our facility.
  3. We cannot guarantee that your dog can be socialized with other dogs.
  4. Dogs that have issues towards humans may not be allowed to utilize our services depending on the severity.