COVID Update, Pack Art Walks, Zoom Sessions, And More

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COVID Update, Pack Art Walks, Zoom Sessions, And More Hello everyone, Jesse here, coming out of quarantine looking like the Sasquatch. Or, to those of you in the know, Sax-squatch. Things have been all over the place for the past few months and it has been quite the ride navigating through this time. Daycare &

Canine Enrichment 101

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We all know the importance of physical exercise for our dogs, but we often overlook their need for mental exercise. Enrichment activities are those that work a dog’s brain, allowing them to lean into their natural instincts and have fun solving problems. These activities are important to keep your dog happy and curb problem behaviors

Easy Ways to Give Your Dog’s Kibble a Nutritious Boost

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While I am an avid advocate of balanced raw diets for dogs (and cats!), I also understand raw feeding is not a feasible option for many individuals for a variety of reasons. However, there are quite a few easy ways to give your dog's dry food a boost of natural hydration and bioavailable nutrition. Using