Off-Leash Etiquette And Dealing With Ignorant Dog Owners

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Hello, Jesse here with another blog. This week's blog is about off-leash dogs. Now, I know I've been outspoken on off-leash dogs recently and my problem is not the fact that the dogs are off-leash. My problem is with them not being formally trained with a reliable level of obedience or the owner not being

The Secret to Reducing Inflammation

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The Secret to Reducing Inflammation You’ll often read seafood proteins have anti-inflammatory properties. This is due to their generally high Omega 3 content, which helps balance the high Omega 6 content found in commercial pet food. Quick tip: poultry is very high in Omega 6s and low in 3s, making it the most “off balance”

An Easy Fresh Food Recipe for your Dog

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Adding fresh raw food to your dog's diet doesn't need to be expensive or time-consuming. If your dog is an adult, you can swap up to 20% of her kibble for fresh food without having to worry about nutritional balance. This means if your dog eats 14 meals/week, you can feed 1-2 meals of homemade