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Work With Chicago’s Dog Aggression Expert

Welcome to Chicago’s Highest Rated Dog Aggression Expert! From Fear Aggression to Human and Dog Aggression, no problem is too big or too small for Canine Perspective!

It’s my GOAL to ensure that my client’s dogs are the very best they can be. If your dog is dog aggressive and it’s your DREAM to be able to take him/her to the dog park, then we will make it happen! Is your dog biting out of fear and will not let anyone pet him/her? We not only STOP the BITING, but we rehabilitate the dog to WANT to be touched by people!

Is your dog too AGGRESSIVE to even go outside for a walk?

No problem! I come to you, traveling throughout the Chicago area!

Other trainers turning you away, kicking you out of classes or are you trying so many methods that DON’T work?

Your search is now over! I am a former student of World Renown Master Dog Trainer, Richard Heinz, the Miami Dog Whisperer and have the BEST and most EFFECTIVE methods in Dog Aggression Rehabilitation.

Canine Perspective, Inc. is home to Chicago’s premiere dog aggression training and rehabilitation programs.

“The Pack Package”

For families with more than one dog experiencing behavioral issues such as dog fights in the home and acting out in public. Combining Dog Psychology and Basic Obedience, we establish Pack Structure within the family to address the behavioral problems.

I recommend this package for minor behavioral issues.

$750 for 6 hours over 5 weeks.

First session is 2 hours.

2 training Collars and Leashes are included.

For homes with more than 2 dogs, it is an additional $50 per dog.

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Jess with one of his biggest influences, Cesar Millan.

“Jess is absolutely amazing. I used to dread walking my Pitt because he was so strong and would pull me everywhere, and would react to every dog we would see, even if it was across the street. We tried other trainers with no success. Two sessions with Jess and he was heeling perfectly even with other dogs around and was coming right away when called, enough that I felt comfortable letting him outside without a leash on, which we never thought was a possibility. We can also go to the dog park and outdoor patios with him again. Jess went above and beyond to help with training, and we are so grateful to him!”

5-Star Facebook Review by Michelle K.

Dog Aggression and Behavior Modification Program

Price range starts at $2,250. Determining cost is based on the severity of the behavior and length of time to rehabilitate your pet. This price does NOT include a training collar and you will be purchasing this separately. During the evaluation I will inform you on which model you will be needing.

You will receive your quote during the initial consultation.

Achieving lasting results in every case. Contact me today to set up your consultation!

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Here’s footage of a dog I was fostering and rehabbing from high reactivity and aggression issues. Because of this, Frankie’s search for her home is over and I cannot be more happier for her!