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All programs are tailored to your needs. The descriptions are to give you an idea of what can be accomplished and in what time frame. In-person lessons are now held at Oz Park (the busiest park in Chicago) for real results in a real environment or at our facility (don’t worry, our training carries over in all environments). All consultations, training sessions, and Zooms are also filmed and uploaded to our YouTube for reference.

Offering Behavior Training for Dogs Throughout the Chicago Area

No behavior problem is too big or too small for Canine Perspective. Whether it’s aggression caused by fear, or aggression toward humans or other dogs, we have the experience and skills to rehabilitate your dog.

Is your dog too badly behaved or aggressive to even go outside for a walk?

No problem! We have several programs to meet every client’s needs.

Are other dog trainers turning you away or kicking you out of classes? Are you trying so many methods that don’t work?

Your search is now over!  Canine Perspective is led by a former student of world-renowned Master Dog Trainer Richard Heinz, the Miami Dog Whisperer. We have the best and most effective training methods in rehabilitating dogs with behavior problems and aggression issues.

Canine Perspective, Inc. is home to Chicago’s premiere dog behavior training and rehabilitation programs.

This week’s Wednesday Wisdom isn’t so much “wisdom” as something I’ve said multiple times. Speaks for itself, really.
Who else?! 😜

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Sunday Funnies: Training jokes!
Comics aside, this is why we will always use and advocate for proper e-collar training. There’s nothing else like it out there.

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Thank you Angela for taking the time to do a testimonial for us. Sorry for the long video but we have a bit of history with Doug! He came to us for training and then began to utilize our pet care services.
As Doug has gotten more consistency and structure he has opened up to some of my staff members. This is amazing considering where we started with him a couple of years ago. We're proud to be able to provide a space and service for even difficult dogs are welcomed.
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“Jess is absolutely amazing. I used to dread walking my Pitt because he was so strong and would pull me everywhere, and would react to every dog we would see, even if it was across the street. We tried other trainers with no success. Two sessions with Jess and he was heeling perfectly even with other dogs around and was coming right away when called, enough that I felt comfortable letting him outside without a leash on, which we never thought was a possibility. We can also go to the dog park and outdoor patios with him again. Jess went above and beyond to help with training, and we are so grateful to him!”

5-Star Facebook Review by Michelle K.

Behavior Modification Program for Aggressive Dogs

The price range for this program starts at $4,250. The cost is based on the severity of the behavior and length of time required to rehabilitate your dog. The cost of the program does not include a training collar; you must purchase that separately. During the evaluation, we will inform you about which model you will be needing. We do not care where you purchase your collar, but we do care that you purchase the collar you are recommended as having the incorrect training tools with greatly affect the training.

You will receive your quote during the initial consultation. For more details about this program, visit our dog aggression training page.

Achieving lasting results in every case. Contact us today to set up your consultation!

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Jess with one of his biggest influences, Cesar Millan.