April 2018

The Secret Ingredient To Dog Rehabilitation Is…

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You. Plain and simple. There are many methods and tools that we can use to train and rehabilitate our dogs. But at the end of the day, it’s all about you and the relationship you and your dog have. And quite frankly, it’s the hardest part to address when working with my behavior cases that

Why Do Dogs Bite Kids And How Can I Keep My Child Safe?

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Put simply, because people are naïve, negligent, or just plain ignorant. Sounds harsh, but it is very true. Let me explain. You see, I’ve heard and read all sorts of bite stories coming from many different sources, people, and families. Some were being cautious, others allowed their child to take too many liberties with

March 2018

My Dog Is Reactive, Now What?

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My Dog Is Reactive, Now What? You’re walking out of your apartment and you approach the elevator. You press the button and you feel the anxiety start to build up as you hold your dog’s leash tightly. Subconsciously pulling up, anticipating an explosion. The elevator bell rings, the doors open and like clockwork, your

February 2018

What To Do When A Dog Growls At You

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It's just another day lounging next to your pupper while watching tv. Commercials come on and you turn and pet your dog, but instead of responding with a kiss and tail wag, your dog growls at you. Maybe you've just brought home your new puppy and you're all excited to introduce him or her to

How To Prevent Your Puppy From Developing Separation Anxiety

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Separation Anxiety is a very common behavior issue that I work with and in my opinion, it is more difficult to address than aggression. The reason is because it's relationship based, Meaning, the relationship that has been established between the puppy and the owner is what's driving the anxiety. Believe it or not, the

January 2018

What To Do When An Aggressive Off-Leash Dog Approaches

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I'm sure most people have had encounters with off-leash dogs in areas where they shouldn't be and most of the time it's not a big deal when the owner comes running up yelling their dog's name repeatedly. Apologizing as they pull their dog away or leash them up. But, it is a big deal when