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Canine Perspective’s

Ashlie Gonzalez – Dog & Animal Enthusiast & Junior Trainer

I’ve had over a handful of dogs while growing up from small to large. Due to living in small apartments I wasn’t able to keep most of them. That’s when I really became interested in walking/training dogs since I couldn’t have one of my own. I started volunteering at shelters and trying to help friends/family with their dogs. I also walked dogs in the city. One of my clients had a very shy/scared dog. Another one of my clients had a dog who wasn’t the fondest of strangers but he warmed up to me after the second day.

The most challenging of all had to be Bear. A 80-100lb pitbull/rottweiler aggressive towards all strangers and very determined to protect his family at any cost. Other than his aggression within his first week with me I very much enjoyed teaching him the basics: Sit, Down, Speak, Leave It, Take It, as well as a few special tricks: “Bang Bang”(you shoot him with your fingers and he pretends to go down), and “who’s your best friend” He will put his paw on his brother/sister). I’ve also worked with a Pointer/beagle mix with her resource guarding habits and was able to correct those.