Adopt Stone!

Stone is looking for a foster! Unfortunately, the foster we had lined up for him was unable to take him due to weight restrictions in their building. Stone is a complete lover. He has a big head, squishy lips, and a super sweet personality. He is deaf, so he would need someone who is willing to understand that need. We will help whoever steps up to foster with a trainer and whatever else is needed for this boy to have the best situation possible.

Want to foster Stone? Please fill out an application at or click here.

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Christmas Wish Program!?

In the spirit of the Christmas season I decided to spread some holiday cheer, Canine Perspective style! And I even got my little elf, Lola the Silky Terrier, to help out! The Christmas Wish Program is a charitable giveaway to one lucky winner and their dog, to have their dog’s behavior, no matter how severe, to be rehabilitated by yours truly!

Enter yourself or spread the holiday cheer by sharing this link:

Before I forget, I was so excited to dish out last week’s blog! I wanted to show off my website’s new design, as well as, my redone logo. However, because of the redesign, my site’s blog and newsletter got disconnected.



But alas, here it is (I hope)!

Everything was sooooo 2014! It was definitely time to get a fresh and pristine new look for 2018!

New Year, New Site, New Logo, New Phone…who dis?! Just kidding! (Phone number is the same!)

Don’t forget to share this with someone you know who may need of some wish granting! All forms of behavior and all breeds and sizes of dogs are welcomed to enter to win!

Thank you for your support.

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Here it is, the long awaited follow up to Zeus, the aggressive Pitbull. Unfortunately, due to circumstance, I could not see this case all the way to the end, which I explain in the video. This case was definitely up there as one of the most aggressive cases I’ve had the chance to work with.

Rehabbing Severe Aggression Part 2

The first video I posted of this particular case drew a lot of attention. Both good and bad. Many people couldn’t believe that a dog could be this aggressive naturally. Others thought a dog like this was hopeless and could not be helped. Some thought I was being egotistical and was recording this for the sake of showing off. A few thought it was fake.

Welp, it certainly wasn’t fake!

Zeus was 100% legit in his aggression. It was anxiety based and what I’ve come to learn over time with these kinds of cases is that anxiety based aggression can be explosive. All the pent up emotion has to come out and when they unload…boy, do they unload! His aggression was definitely on the severe end of the spectrum.

I want to make it clear that the level of aggression seen in this case has nothing to do with the dog’s breed. He could’ve been a German Shepherd, Poodle, or Chihuahua. What matters is the intensity of the issue and what personality type the dog is. When I commented that Zeus’ aggression was genetics, people thought I was blaming the breed. Which couldn’t be farther from the truth. By genetics I meant he was predisposed with high anxiety and he bacame very territorial with that particular family. Those two things coupled with a dog that has no issue using his teeth to get his point across and you have big problem.

I won’t go to much into detail this week about the video. I feel I explain things well enough in the footage of the session.


Jesus San Miguel


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