Adopt Smooches!

Oh man! She’s the SWEETEST dog!

If you haven’t guessed, Smooches was given her name by a volunteer at CACC and it couldn’t be more fitting! Playful, social and patient with both dogs and people. She’s sooo happy! She’s like a baby seal, only better, because you can adopt her and legally keep her as a pet!

Oh, and she’s a low-rider too.

Fill out a form to foster or adopt smooches here!

She’s still searching for her fur-ever home!

More Sun This Past Week!

The gang and I couldn’t be more excited about all the sun we got this past week! Plenty of early morning Pack Walks were happening and tans were being had.

With the summer weather starting to settle in, I’d just like to remind everyone to be sure to bring water for your pup when going out for those longer walks. Also, you never want to pour cold water directly over your dog’s head as you can send them into shock. A great way to cool them off is to pour or rub cool water over their muzzle and underneath their neck, chest, and stomach.

As an added note, I tend to avoid the afternoon time when the it tends to be the hottest. Not only will your dog overheat faster, but the pavement may be uncomfortably hot and damage your dog’s paws. That’s why I like to go first thing in the AM or later in the evening once the temperature drops.

Lastly, due to time constraints, there will only be videos and no short summary.

Until next time!

Canine Perspective, Inc.

Remote collar training is the most effective and efficient way to work with a dog, but, it’s not always smooth sailing. Remote, and pressure, can bring out the ugly side even in the friendliest of dogs.

This Week’s WWAPDT just expands upon the video to the left that was uploaded last week: E-Collar Training Stable Dogs Vs. Dogs With Issues. WARNING: I’m Pretty Blunt In This Video

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