Adopt Rocky!

Nobody’s perfect, but this little cow-baby bear-kissing Bandit is pretty close! Rocky is in search of a foster or forever home where he can play with you, love you, and continue to work on his manners. He still has lots of puppy energy, but listens well, is very treat motivated and would fit perfectly in a dog savvy home. Teaching him new skills is super easy! You should do it!

You can visit Rocky’s page here or by clicking the photo.

We’re Back At It Again With The Newsletter!

With each passing week I find myself getting more and more into a rhythm of what needs to get done. Record Vlog during Pack Walk. Check. Check E-mails every morning. Check. Putting together a newsletter Thursday night. Check and Check!

Very excited to have Alli back this month to spread more of what she knows about dog food because nutrition is a very important part of your dog’s health! Even I will bring it up to owners if their dog is under/over-weight. Most of the time the dog is over-weight and they don’t understand how that can really impact your dog’s health and well being! Not to forget, quality of food! I like to think of lower end brands like Pedigree or Beneful to be the McDonald’s of dog food and we all know how healthy McD’s is. Hint – not very.

So big thank you to Alli for taking the time to write a column for this week’s newsletter.

On to my Vlog.

As you may know, I’ve taken it upon myself to become a bit of an advocate for electronic collar and have begun voicing my opinion about it and it’s effectiveness. Most people and some trainers look at it as the “last resort.” However, in my case, it’s my go-to tool of choice and I will turn down clients who want me use other methods that I know won’t work because there’s no point in trying.

So this week I speak about whether or not electronic collars are humane and safe to use. The answer being yes they are humane, but only when being used with the guidance and help of a professional who specializes in remote work. So many people try to do it on their own and end up making the dog worse, which ends up with them needing more work in the long run to rewire their response to the collar.

That concludes my bit for this week’s newsletter.

Until next time.

Canine Perspective, Inc.

It’s that time of the month again where I get to feature the oh-so-knowledgeable Alli Glüecklich!

This week’s WWAPDT Vlog episode is titled “Electronic Collars And Are They Inhumane?” As you can probably guess, I speak about training with an e-collar and if they are safe to use. I’m really enjoying this idea of vlogging as I walk my dogs as I get my cardio in and I get some valuable information out to the Midwest!


How Do I Know If My Pet Food Is Good Quality?!

Modern pet parents may get confused and overwhelmed by the number of options out there. The most important thing to understand when choosing a food for your dog, is that by nature they are carnivores. While starches and plant matter may make up a portion of their diet, high quality meat based protein should make up the majority of what they eat.

MEAT! Meat should absolutely always be the first ingredient in your dog’s food, and ideally the second as well. And not “mystery” meat. You want to see an actual name like chicken, beef or lamb etc. If it’s not, your dog’s body is working extra hard to break down hard to digest starches, and they will not thrive.

Starch! After you get past the meat on your ingredient panel, you will see some type of starch. although dogs don’t biologically need carbohydrates, kibble requires it to keep its formation. On a high quality grain-in food it may be rice, barley or oatmeal. On a grain free option it may be sweet potatoes, peas or chickpeas. Ideally, look for low glycemic starches. Be careful with the term grain-free, as some food may just overload with potato instead.

Fruits & Veggies! Certain fruits and vegetables provide vitamins and minerals for dogs, so the addition of these is actually beneficial! Vitamins & Minerals! You will see a long list of vitamins on your ingredient panel. This is a vitamin pack. It is added in to ensure your dog is getting everything they need after their food has been processed.

If you stick to a less processed diet such as canned, dehydrated or raw, you will notice a much shorter list and fewer added artificial vitamins. This is a GREAT thing. It means that your dog is getting more vitamins from the meat & veggies, and they don’t need as many artificial vitamins, yay!

I HIGHLY, HIGHLY urge ALL pet parents to watch the documentary “Pet Fooled” on Netflix.

See you next month!

Alli Glüecklich

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