Adopt Rocky!

Nobody’s perfect, but this little cow-baby bear-kissing Bandit is pretty close! Rocky is in search of a foster or forever home where he can play with you, love you, and continue to work on his manners. He still has lots of puppy energy, but listens well, is very treat motivated and would fit perfectly in a dog savvy home. Teaching him new skills is super easy! You should do it!

You can visit Rocky’s page here or by clicking the photo.

Rain, Rain, Go Away!

Definitely not too thrilled about these rainy days as I’m more than over this weather! Thankfully it’s been reasonably clear on the days that I train, but it does impede on Pack Walk season.

This week’s Vlog is overdue, but I got so tied up with new clients, boarders, the Jeff Gellman Seminar, and not to forget, the terribly rainy weather, that I was unable to post up a Vlog for last week. So this past Monday’s video covered some of the crazy topics that were brought up or are related to what some of the attendees had to say at the seminar. I’ve heard some pretty crazy stories, but never thought about someone possibly dying from a relatively mild dog bite!

Also, Copper the Black Mouth Cur, officially went home to his family this past Saturday and he rocked his Obedience drills! Now we just have a couple of visits to make sure that everything transfers over to the owners and they keep up with the discipline and work to make sure Copper is a good boy!

Until next time.

Canine Perspective, Inc.

WWAPDT returns this week after a short one week hiatus! I talk about the Jeff Gellman Seminar, A Dog Catcher Dies From A Dog Bite, People Steal Dogs and Trainer Kicks Dog! Lots of craziness was brought up at the seminar, but that is the world we live in!

Copper left his home with no impulse control and pulling his owners. He officially wrapped up his 2 week Board & Train program last weekend and came back home completely Off-Leash reliable! I show off some of what he learned during his stay here at Canine Perspective!

Don’t Leave Your Dog Tied Outside!

I cover a few topics in my Vlog and all of them are important, but this is one that really bothers me: tying your dog to a post while running inside a store. I suppose if it’s a coffee shop with large windows where you can keep an eye on your dog or your dog on you it’s not the end of the world. But if you’re going into a store for any considerable amount of time where you will not be aware of your pet, then I suggest not.

With the somewhat nice weather here, I’ve seen this happen a few times in the past couple of weeks. Dogs tied up outside of Jewel-Osco, clothing stores, and the like. Granted the dogs were not stressed about it, I have seen in a few instances, dogs throwing a barking fit at being tied to a pole while their owner leaves to run an errand. Now we have a dog barking his or her head off for who know’s how long. Also, no matter how well you tie your dog up to a post, they can always chew through it in a matter of seconds.

What bugs me the most about this, is that your pooch could be stolen. Your neighborhood does not matter. Ill-willed people are everywhere and all they need is an easy opportunity. When dogs are stolen, it’s a high possibility that the person who took them will use them as a bait dog for their fighting dogs.

I’ve seen this first hand and I’ve had colleagues who have as well.

When I worked at a pet store, years ago, a man, with his boxer, came in distraught. The boxer was emaciated, covered in scars and new wounds. Someone had jumped into his yard while his dog was tied up during the day and stole him for use in his fighting ring. The thief returned the dog to the yard, months later, in the condition that the man brought him in.

This is why I never leave my dogs outside unattended. Even in my own yard. I don’t care if it’s for a few minutes because that’s all a person needs. So leaving your dog tied up at the wrong time puts them at an immediate risk. If you can’t bring your dog inside then don’t bring them at all or leave that errand for a later time because at the end of the day, your dog is going to be the one that pays the ultimate price.

See you next Monday.

Canine Perspective, Inc.

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