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Maggie is the sweetest, most well trained puppy ever. She just celebrated her first birthday and has mastered all of her basic commands. Her favorite activities are going to daycare to run around with her dog friends and carrying sticks on her daily walks. She’d love to find a forever home with a fellow dog friend or a yard to run around.

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If I Am Tired Now, I Don’t Mind, Because I Will Have An Eternity To Rest.

I’ve always liked that quote. It’s by Andres Segovia, who is widely regarded as one of the greatest classical guitar players to have ever lived. He gave master classes, made appearances, and toured a rigorous schedule up until his dying day. So if he can do it, then so can I. It’s been a busy week here at Canine Perspective and I am most certainly tired, but couldn’t let myself slip and skip newsletter day! So that quote came to mind and you know what? I like it.

And if you didn’t get last week’s quote…it’s from Napoleon Dynamite. I know…more deep stuff.

“Why so busy,” you may ask. Well, first off, I’m now offering Board and Train Programs! Perfect for those families that are too busy to invest the necessary time needed to train their canine companion. Ranging from all levels of obedience from simple On-Leash to advanced Off-Leash…Canine Perspective style! So working on promoting that aspect of the business now and getting together footage to showcase what can be done through remote training.

Also, I have a few, new, and exciting ideas I’ve been working my head around and am hoping to implement them sooner rather than later, but Mother Nature has not been cooperating as of late, and I kind of need her to. One of my ideas will definitely be pushing me out of my comfort zone (involves a selfie stick…) and I will probably feel very silly in the beginning, but I do believe it will help get a lot of knowledge out to the Chicagoland area that has yet to be seen in the Midwest. So I’m super stoked about it.

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More on using a remote collar to teach a dog to walk on a treadmill. In this video I work with Ozzy. He is Mona’s adopted brother, whom I featured in last week’s treadmill video. Ozzy has a very high flight response and is a very insecure dog, but is now walking side by side with his sister thanks to the e-collar!

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Using Remote On A High Flight/Insecure Dog

I was hoping to have some new material for this week, but with a busy schedule and the weather switching up like it did, looks like I’ll have to shoot for next week. I’ve decided to include another video on treadmill training instead (don’t worry still some good stuff to learn) since Ozzy took a little more oomph with the collar to unlock his brain.

This video is completely UNCUT so there’s no behind the scenes stuff going on. You get to see it as it happens with all the good and bad (well it looks bad, but it isn’t). I decided to leave it as is so that everyone can see what to expect and that it isn’t bad, as hard as it may be, to watch their baby panic either from the remote or the treadmill.

Everything remains the same in terms of approach. I pull Ozzy towards the treadmill and he locks up, just like his sister Mona did except when he gets on, there’s a bit more franticness going on in his head. Also, his level of resistance was much higher than Mona’s so in order to get the brain to move I had to dial up to the mid-40’s to 50’s range. This caused him to yelp a few times, but it was because the brain was starting to give up on resistance and went into panic mode. It’s typical and what I’d expect to see with a case like him.

Still not the worst I’ve seen!

Yet again, once he overrode his flight response you can see the body start to move as it begins to accept this foreign object he is walking on. At some point, he tries to flee from it and puts up the bigger mental block which is where I slowly dial up on the collar until I find the roundabout number thats going to make him move. You can tell by watching the body.

When it’s too low, they can hold the resistance with no problem even as you can see the neck twitching from the collar. As soon as you start to hit that area on the remote that’s going to unlock them, they start to fidget. Once I saw him do that, I slowed down on my taps a bit and after about 5, voila! A much more looser and relaxed Ozzy on the treadmill!

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