Adopt Ivy!

One of the newest additions to the K9 4 Keeps rescue is Ivy!

Ivy was neglected and kept in the basement tied to a pole. Thankfully, she found her way into our arms. She is so incredibly kind and loving, but she is just learning that this world is  not such a scary place. She is great on a leash and loves chewing bones and would be a welcomed addition to your home.

You can fill out an adoption form here.

Spring Is Not Being Kind To Me

Unfortunately, I developed seasonal allergies 4 years ago and I still have not learned to recognize when they are beginning to set in. This year I thought I caught it early enough with some allergy medicine, but I got hit really hard on Easter Sunday with some terrible sneezing, congestion and coughing. Luckily, I only had one visit that day, otherwise it would have been a very long day. Looks like I’m riding the tail end of it now, but can’t wait for it to pass!

But that’s enough of that, on to the dog stuff!

So this bit of news may seem trivial, but when you’re trying to build your name/brand, every little thing counts. I remember when I first started out dog training under the name “Dog’s Best Friend Dog Training” down in Harlingen, TX and I got my first business cards, I was so excited! In fact, I found some old footage of myself working with a little Teacup Yorkie named Chuy. The video quality was terrible because it was being recorded on my Samsung phone, but it worked! Because I was the only trainer in the area at the time that had any video content of his work.

Well, now I’ve got another little bit that I’m excited to present. It’s an intro to my videos to help give them a more professional flare! When the idea was presented to me, I thought it sounded awesome, but when they sent me the clip, I was blown away! To see my logo come to life like that was a great feeling! The entire thing was their idea so I take no credit for that. All I did was make the suggestion of adding in some sound effects and well, the clip below is the finished product.

Hope to see you next week!

Canine Perspective, Inc.

New Intro clip!

This week’s WWAPDT vlog: Your Vet Doesn’t Know Behavior may ruffle a few feathers, but in my experience, it is completely true.

Your Vet Doesn’t Know Behavior

This is something I come across way too often. People who take their dogs to the vet to deal with their aggression, anxiety, fear, nervousness, etcetera. Some vets will recommend their patients to trainers they are familiar with, some will give them their insight on behavior and tell them exercises to do with the dog, and others will say to medicate the dog. At the end of the day, your vet doesn’t have the insight into behavior like behavioral trainers do.

Your vet is well versed in all things medical with your pet, but behavioral rehabilitation is not apart of their curriculum. I’m sure they work with their fair share of aggressive dogs, but they work with them in a medical sense, not in a behavioral manner where they’re actually taught how to help fix you dog’s aggression. Yet, many vets feel they have the say so in how to treat a dog when asked by their clients.

And that’s where things get tricky.

I get asked medical questions about dogs all the time. Some I can answer as its pretty standard stuff, but I also get asked some pretty heavy questions and the first thing out of my mouth is, “I’m not a veterinarian, you need to take your dog to the nearest one or call them.” I know what I know and I know what I don’t know and I am not bothered by it. I get asked about sport dog training sometimes, which I know a little about, but I still tell them that that’s a specialized training that’s out of my scope of knowledge.

What really irks me is when new clients ask their vet about electronic collar and they end up getting a biased opinion from them. If your dog is considerably old, has seizures or some other type of medical issue, than yes, by all means feel free to ask your vet. However, if you’re asking your vet for their insight on remote training, chances are, it’s limited. Even if they have used it, they’ve most likely only used it with a family dog or two. Not hundreds of dogs over the course of years like trainers like myself have.

That’s it for this week’s vlog/rant and thank you for your support.

Canine Perspective, Inc.

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