Looks Like I Got Ahead Of Myself! 

With all the sun last week, I got a little too giddy and naively thought summer weather was starting to settle in already. This past week proved me wrong! It’s bound to come sooner or later (one can only hope sooner).

This upcoming week is marking a big change for me as I will be temporarily relocating to Deerfield, IL. I’m hoping to be back in the city by July 1st, but want to make sure that the next place is easily accessible for my boarders, as well as having an ideal layout to facilitate my Board and Trains.

I’m hoping to be able to put together a special video within the week as I’ve been very excited about the idea since it was proposed to me. I came into dog training wanting to be one of the best and slowly, but surely, I’m beginning to flesh out that dream. So stay tuned…

Until next time!

Canine Perspective, Inc.

P.S. Due to time constraints with the move, I will hopefully continue with a full newsletter next Friday!

This week’s WWAPDT covers the simple fact that dogs are much more than the furry companions so much of the world sees them as. This one is simply titled: Your Dog Is A Physical Animal.

My mentor, Richard Heinz, reached out to me regarding doing a testimonial for his academy. I of course was more than happy to oblige and speak about my experience.