Please forgive the obvious click bait title, it’s for a good cause.

The purpose of starting this newsletter was to get more information out that I felt was lacking here in the city of Chicago and in the Midwest in general. You see, behavior trainers like myself, are far and few between. Sure you can find a lot of trainers that work on behavior with a simple Google search, but how many of them can actually get results? How many of them can see through a dog’s aggressive behavior and turn that dog around?

The answer: not many.

I know of a few trainers in the states that I’ve watched throughout the years as I was developing my dog training insight and skills. Cesar Millan, Richard Heinz, Sean O’Shea, and Jeff Gellman are a few that I can name off the top of my head. I know of a couple more, but that just goes to show how rare truebehavior trainers are.

When doing behavior  modification, I utilize every tool that I have at my disposal. My go-to is always the electronic collar and any behavior trainer worth their weight will say the same thing. It’s effective, efficient, and the only way to turn around severe aggression cases with utmost ease.

Positive only trainers will tell you otherwise and that’s what this week’s vlog is all about. The big secret is that most dog owners are unaware of the tension that exists between trainers like myself and the PR only (Positive Reinforcement) wing. Many PR trainers can’t see past their own agenda and ego to admit that PR methods are limited to a great degree in what they can get done with both obedience and behavior. Yet, they continue to guilt owner’s away from using aversives by using words like coercive, aggressive, punishment, shock, and force.

On top of that, there have been many instances of PR trainers targeting Balanced trainers and leaving negative reviews and spreading false rumors in order to bring down their business. My mentor, Richard Heinz, was targeted not too long ago by a YouTube personality. This individual has very limited dog training experience (we all have to start somewhere) and was kicked out of a PR dog training school, yet people listen to him because he has garnered a reasonably sized following.

There are a lot more details, but it is a bit much to try and cover in this newsletter so please refer to the video above. I tried to keep it short, but wanted to make sure I covered all the important points about PR training and their agenda against balanced trainers like myself.

Thank you for your support.

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