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Jesus ‘Jesse’ San Miguel, “The Chicago Dog Whisperer”

Jesus ‘Jesse’ San Miguel is the owner and sole-operator of Canine Perspective, Inc. Clients frequently refer to him as, “The Chicago Dog Whisperer.” This is because Jesse possesses a natural intuition. An ability to look at a dog’s behavior and determine the cause, as well as, the solution.

It is because of this, that he does not focus on obedience. Instead, he teaches his clients how to understand and communicate with dogs to address behavioral issues. He sees things from a canine’s perspective, therefore achieving lasting results within minutes of working with your pet. An attribute of a true Dog Whisperer!

Jess with Lexxi, his Pit Bull and Frankie, a Bulldog/Catahoula mix he Fostered and Rehabbed.

“…We can attest that Jesse is truly the Dog Whisperer of Chicago!”

5- Star Yelp Review by Marissa L.

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Why I Insist On Training Client's Dogs With E-Collar (100% Reliability). Using e-collar does not make me or a dog owner lazy nor does it mean we're trying to do things the 'easy' way. It means we want as close to 100% reliability one can get even in an emergency situation. For example, pulling your dog out of a fight, getting your dog to return after being scared off by a firework, or your dog going into prey drive chasing a squirrel and running into the street. Life is not perfect and you will not always have physical control. E-collar is the only tool that can give you control when you've lost it.
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What E-Collar Do You Need? How To Pick The Right E-Collar. Many people go by their dog's 'sweet' personality or simply what's more cost-effective and when purchasing an e-collar, you definitely want to purchase the correct model. I've come to learn over 10 years of working with the Dogtra brand of e-collar with countless dogs of different sizes, temperaments, and behavioral issues that there are 3 factors to account for.

1. Size and breed.
2. A dog's natural resiliency to physicality.
3. Are there behavior issues like anxiety, fear, nervousness, aggression.

Training a 60 lb Pitbull with no aggression issues versus one with aggression issues will need a different collar than the latter because you have to factor in when the dog is in an emotional state. When a dog goes under stress, their adrenaline starts pumping and you need to be able to cut through with power. Or, maybe you have a GSD who is very flighty, I personally would opt for the highest power collar here because you have to achieve contact through their long coat and also if they should go into flight mode. These are things dog owners don't think about.

I've heard many stories over the years and have evolved and developed my style of training from what I learned from the stories. Whether it be a dog that took off because of a random firework or a client panicking when their dog kicked into aggression. You can't prevent everything, but you can at least be prepared should something pop up.

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Real Recognize Real 🤣
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Tag canineperspectiveinc with #AskARealDogTrainer and ask any dog training/behavior question you have! It can be video of your dog’s behavior, you asking the question or you can put it in the description! It’s time for people to be properly educated on what is actually going on with their dogs!
Any question, any behavior. Just ask!
Facility coming to #LoganSquare August of this year! Go to to pre-register your dog to make pick up and drop off a breeze once we officially open! Discounted rates for early enrollment for our #BoardAndTrains booked now through opening day! - Jesse
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Why I Don’t Tell Dog Owners To Put Their Dogs Down. A very touchy idea in the dog training community and one that gets thrown out a lot. I’ve had plenty of dog owners be told to put their dog down when the dog wasn’t even aggressive, but perceived as aggressive by their vet or dog trainer. This means dogs are being killed because of someone’s lack of insight or understanding of dog behavior.
Also, many of clients that have been told to do so have decided that they wouldn’t and just want someone to help them find a way to keep their dog under control and other safe. With things like muzzles, prong collars, and e-collars around, there’s lots of options available to allow one to keep even the most difficult of cases.
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Jesse set about acquiring his knowledge through volunteer work at a local animal shelter in Harlingen, Texas because dogs with behavior issues make up a majority of their population. Leading him to not limit himself to their friendly dogs, but most importantly, motivating him to work with the “problem” dogs. He began to see how a vast number were simply misunderstood. A few of the dogs had even been through obedience courses that did nothing to address the animal’s behavioral issues. Unfortunately, euthanization is the destination for many of them. Because of this, Jesse’s primary focus is to educate everyone on the importance of understanding dogs, as well as, their respective needs.

Student of World Renown Dog Trainer, Richard Heinz

“The Miami Dog Whisperer”

Richard Heinz Reviews Jesus San Miguel Of Canine Perspective, Inc.

Jess with Richard Heinz, the Miami Dog Whisperer.

Realizing a need to learn more. Jesse began seeking out answers after working with two behavioral cases that were outside of his scope of knowledge at the time. Leading him to an internship with world renown dog trainer, Richard Heinz, “The Miami Dog Whisperer.”

Richard possesses over 20 years of experience in every aspect of dog training from foundational puppy obedience to the highest level of protection. He turns around the most severe behavior cases with his unique methods he’s been developing over his career. Jesse is now using that knowledge to rehabilitate dogs in danger of being put to sleep.