I constantly have people telling me that they are very strict and don’t give their dog “people” food. But in reality, we should be sharing as much food with Fido as possible. Now please, do not ration your chocolate covered deep fried Twinkie. Let’s be honest, you shouldn’t be eating that either.

People food is food that is recognizable, right? As in, when we eat we actually know what we’re eating. If you are feeding your dog something that you can’t look at and instantly recognize, then you’re probably feeding a heavily processed food, AKA, kibble.

Do not fear, you are the majority! This convenient little bite-sized crunchy ball is what most dogs are used to eating. But did you know that this isn’t what their bodies are meant to eat? Just like ours aren’t meant to eat cereal for every single meal. Listen, I’m not saying you can’t enjoy your occasional bowl of Froot Loops, I’m just saying if you lived off it entirely, you probably wouldn’t feel too great…or live very long for that matter.

So what if you could share some of your nutrient dense people food with Fido? Some dog-friendly fruits, veggies & meats? You TOTALLY can and you absolutely should! The next time you’re preparing your own meal, portion out a few of the dog-friendly veggies you’re using and blend, chop or steam, and simply add to your dog’s food. (Veggies have a much higher absorption rate for dogs if you break down the cell walls) Or maybe you’re a bachelor who bought a 2 pack of steaks, and your Tinder date blew you off. Buddy likes steak too, raw or cooked, hold the salt – that’s right, give him your steak because let’s be honest, he would never blow you off, he deserves it.

The opportunities are truly endless. If you decide to incorporate fresh foods daily, be sure to cut down on the current food so you aren’t adding extra calories. Even better, if your dog is overweight, fresh food will help with that. JUST LIKE HUMANS!

Easy fresh food hacks:

• When cooking with dog-friendly veggies, put all “ends and scraps” into a container. Once full, use these for your dog! I like to blend with some yogurt or raw goats milk and a raw egg.

• Freezer burnt meat? Don’t toss it- Sparky doesn’t mind it one bit!

• Fruit at the end of its life? Especially, those short-lived bananas! You know what? Spot likes fruit too! Maybe even with a little natural peanut butter!

Guest Columnist: Alli Glüecklich